Sopra Real Estate Software

Deploy top-notch digital services for your buildings and tenants

Sopra Steria Property Management Solutions is at your side in the digital transformation of your real estate assets to help you boost the human, environmental, technical and financial aspects of your buildings.

For many years, Sopra Steria Group has provided property management systems based on internally developed and managed software products to guarantee complete success on projects in concert with its customers. This business strategy allows to capitalise on unique expertise in the field that ensures understanding its uses while coming closer to users.

With our new offer, which has been rolled out on most properties and buttressed by platforms from start-ups Active3D and EchoSystems, Sopra Steria’s Property Management Solutions make top-notch digital services available to your buildings and tenants all throughout the lifecycle of your investment.

At the leading edge of digital technology (Building Information Modeling or BIM, apps, cloud, etc.), Sopra Steria offers you the most complete modular real estate IT system on the market, bringing together all digital services for the building and tenants and enabling you to increase profitability and the value of your property, to lead its transformation, to optimise the quality of its use, and to conform to regulatory requirements all while lowering costs.

Key figures

  • 35 years of experience in Real Estate

  • 86 clients satisfied with our outsourcing services

  • 44,000 users daily
  • 656 employees dedicated to real estate

  • 2.2 millions social housing unites

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