Blockchain or the Age of Trust

In just one decade, since its creation in 2008, the Blockchain technology has established itself at an incredibly fast rate and has taken the business world by storm. 

There’s no question blockchain technology is gaining momentum. Look at the €10B forecast worldwide by 2022, according to IDC. Or the recent figures released by Forbes stating that the global blockchain market will grow to over $60B by 2024.

Keeping Up with the Blockchain Revolution

Whilst Blockchain is a technology that is still considered to be in its budding stage. Numerous companies are shifting their business models as they realise how it could completely revolutionise practices and secure applications in all sectors. 

Even if, the complexity of the technology itself remain quite hard to grasp even for tech enthusiasts, the expanding popularity and ubiquitous nature of that technology have made it critical for businesses to at least question the benefits and applications. 

At Sopra Steria, we sustain companies to keep up with this evolution by transforming their traditional transactional system into a more open and decentralised management of their data. Needless to say, all this must be done while maintaining high security standards, in particular by setting up secure and scalable data sharing for collaborative decision making.

Supporting clients across their Blockchain Journey

We undeniably uphold the fact that the blockchain technology can definitely add significant value to your business and provide countless opportunities. Sopra Steria, therefore, brings to you:

  • Tailor-made Solutions: You can trust our experts, to develop tailor-made solutions, hand-in-hand with you, from conception to implementation.
  • Unique expertise: As a pioneer in the field of Blockchain, Sopra Steria has trained more than 200 consultants in partnership with prestigious higher education institutes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While trust has been a major preoccupation for many, blockchain is more than that, and should also be seen from an economic perspective. As blockchain technology can not only lower production costs, such as increasing efficiencies and decreasing risk, but also lower transaction costs.
  • Enhanced Security: the blockchain technology keeps your data secure. We believe that it is a promising technology for safer and more resilient applications in all fields.
  • Reliability, transparency, improved traceability of transactions: Blockchain can be a game changer in the field of traceability. When implemented effectively, it can connect and enable efficiency, transparency, and accountability among all participating actors.


Take a deep, hard look at your business and if you are still looking to increase the efficiency of your company, the answer may very well lie in the blockchain. Sopra Steria can help you in your blockchain venture.

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