Data as a business accelerator

In the age of digitisation, the amount of data in circulation has never been greater. To make it a true competitive advantage, organisations must have good control over how they use and analyse data. 

The revenue generated by setting up Data and Business Analytics solutions will reach 189.1 billion USD this year, with double-digit annual growth up to 2022, according to a forecast by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Faced with new entrants and new consumer demands, companies must rethink their relationship with their customers. Data Science is a major asset when it comes to meeting customer requirements, offering a personalised experience, and managing full value chain performance.

Data at the heart of business transformation

Companies have become aware of the amount of data that is now available to them, its potential and the strategic opportunities that data processing can generate.

This awareness is giving rise to major change. Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence offer leaders the opportunity to measure a company’s activities very precisely. Direct information on the health of the company has an immediate effect on decision-making. Knowing how to use and analyse this data is a major challenge.

Using data to guarantee performance

Extracting and refining company data requires dedicated expertise for optimal use. Countless applications exist: anticipating customer needs, detecting and preventing fraud, and implementing predictive maintenance for critical industrial systems. In addition, to optimise the value of your data, we are convinced it is vital to combine in-house company data with external data, especially thanks to open data.

It’s also becoming important to combine Data Science and Cybersecurity to define and implement data governance to ensure data security.

Working together to identify the best uses for your data

We combine our data analysis tools and our role as an information system (IS) integrator to develop a detailed vision of your environment and business requirements. We help you to identify uses for your data so that you get the most out of it. We also work by your side to design customised solutions that enable you to collect and use data to create value. Our teams support you by ensuring that your data is processed ethically and kept secure.

Let's put your Data to work in order to boost performance.

| Marlon Cárdenas

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