Digital Interactions

Digital interactions - a productivity lever and new opportunities vector

The technological uses of the future are taking shape today. 

Smartphones and tablets, voice-activated devices and their connections with our everyday objects (mobile, TV and connected speakers, X-reality,  etc.) offer new capabilities and reinvent the way humans interact with technology.

To meet the productivity and business development challenges of our customers, user satisfaction is key. Interactions with digital services must therefore be consistent within an overall experience, for both customers and employees.

User experience is central to our approach

User experience is a major factor in the perception of a digital service. Interfacing must be intuitive to be properly used and for ownership of applications.

It is now essential to integrate the end user into the building of applications to offer a relevant digital experience.

Experience, based on digital interactions, is now essential if a user is to adopt a product or service. Our teams of strategic design consultants and our UX/UI design studios place their methods and expertise at your disposal to create products and services that meet this need.

The balanced use of technology, new uses and industrialisation

Mobility, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Serious Games and Voice Recognition require the reinvention of business processes to become more efficient.

The aim is to design user pathways offering a logical sequence of digital interactions, “ubiquitous interactions”, on all the ecosystem’s terminals and to deliver a coherent, omni-channel user experience.

We create optimised solutions for your users that add value to your organisation.

This creativity is complemented by the industrialisation needed to produce reliable solutions, at scale and integrated into the entire information system. The aim is also to opt for an agile delivery model that makes it possible to integrate short production cycles.

We have developed an industrial production model that guarantees continuity between the experimental development of innovations and their industrial deployment.

Our global approach - a business accelerator

Our user-centric vision combined with our knowledge of your business and our expertise in emerging technologies allows us to build customised solutions that meet your challenges.

Our end-to-end service offering supports you throughout the implementation cycle, from consulting to industrialisation and project roll-out.

The project teams at our various business agencies and Digital Factory work in a complementary and synchronised manner. They draw upon collaborative, iterative and industrialised methods.

Through a design-thinking-based approach, we integrate an overall vision of the user pathway into your projects.

Finally, our approach of innovation and continuous improvement allows us to offer you delivery models that meet the challenges of time-to-market and user satisfaction.

At Sopra Steria, we offer new digital experiences Europe-wide that meet your objectives and fulfil your business requirements.


Together, let’s create the new digital experiences that will be adopted in your ecosystem.

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