Emerging technologies

Together, let’s identify the best uses of emerging technologies to safeguard your performance

Emerging technologies, a hotbed for new uses

Today, companies have an exceptional potential with emerging technologies: Deep Learning, Digital Twin, Augmented Reality, Virtual or Mixed, including Nanotechnologies or Edge Computing.

These technologies can become a major asset to accelerate transformation and ensure your organisation’ optimum performance. It is essential to be responsive, to adapt and integrate this innovation. Nevertheless, to optimise implementation in your company, you need and informed vision and the capacity to detect the most relevant new uses. We bring you our expertise to define the emerging technologies that will best suit your organisation.

Opening up to new uses to support your transformation

How do you filter, target and evaluate potential in this myriad of technological changes? We believe that in order to make the most of emerging technologies, it is essential to be open to their use in different areas.

We believe we need to draw on the latest innovation to create the uses of tomorrow in your organisation. We provide you with new insights through active monitoring and cross-fertilisation from our projects.

Combining multiple technologies also allows for improved ownership and a disruptive approach. To ensure your performance, we provide you with a different understanding of these emerging technologies in order to anticipate those that will bring value to your organisation.

Boost your performance with emerging technologies

At Sopra Steria, we actively monitor technology to detect new opportunities for your business and accelerate innovation within your company. We participate in various academic bodies, research chairs and activity centres, in order to detect the technologies of tomorrow and to identify their new uses. Our commitment enables us to offer you the best possible insight for your positioning and to take full advantage of this technology.

We support you in the continuous transformation of your value chain by converting technological and structural complexity into opportunities for use and business. We also make sure that we secure your ROI, in line with the real challenges in your sector.


Together, let’s identify the best uses of emerging technologies to safeguard your performance.

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