The new opportunities of digital interaction

In what is truly revolutionary, new patterns of perception and interaction are gaining momentum, increasing human capacity and offering new opportunities. For example, Gartner estimates that 100 million consumers will shop online and in-store with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) by 2020. The maturity of these technologies and their current cost now favour their integration into company user pathways. Cultural change in digital uses also facilitates adoption, particularly for generations natively linked to rich interfaces such as video games and mobile devices and now the use of voice recognition systems. Therefore, X-Reality is now a viable vector of transformation.

Transcending the real

When successfully deployed, X-Reality paves the way for more efficient, reliable and reproducible work processes. The use of data in AR/VR complements and integrates existing interactions (mobile, voice, touch and gestures) to create an ecosystem of devices at the service of the user. It integrates the digital world into the physical reality of the user as a natural experience by significantly enhancing the perception of each individual. Data interpretation via artificial intelligence now includes real-time image and language processing. It provides systems with a better contextual perception and a detailed understanding of the situation by the user. Finally, sensory experience based on 3D vision, sounds and natural interaction provides a communication and learning channel that is easy to understand and impactful at the human level. It transcends business silos, cultural differences and even language barriers.

Optimise processes and share knowledge

Our mission is to take advantage of all the benefits of X-Reality to optimise the performance of professionals in the field by increasing their physical context with data relevant to this user type at the right time. We deploy application AR/VR ergonomics that make understanding of situations immediate and decision-making obvious. 

X-reality allows us to improve the transmission of knowledge between a company's various silos and to improve customer/product relations. It also complements training courses with learning rates that are much higher than traditional techniques.

Exploit the power of X-Reality with Sopra Steria

From retail customer experience, training and assistance in industry to collaboration in the field of surgery, we are already supporting our customers in many sectors and activities.

This is a new opportunity to exploit the data and 3D resources generated by companies. We support you in making productive use of this data and integrating X-Reality experiences in a way that meets your requirements. 

We have developed a full range of skills and techniques and can work with you to conceptualise and deploy potential applications of these technologies within your ecosystem. To give you the best opportunities for X-Reality, we have enhanced our multidisciplinary teams with talent that is dedicated to these activities (Producers, Game Designers, 3D Artists, Immersive UX/UI Designers, Gameplay and Interaction Developers and Level Designers). 

Our CIMPA  teams specialising in PLM or Active 3D teams specialising in BIM complement this expertise by providing our customers with all the know-how they need to deploy 3D in industrial and real estate sectors. 

Sopra Steria has been made a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, and has an extensive ecosystem of partners specialising in the field, which means it is clearly identified as a major integrator in Europe of X-Reality solutions.  

To accelerate implementation of industrialised platforms by our customers that integrate their data sources and ensure their autonomy when regularly using X-reality in their processes, we have combined our know-how to create a suite of technological components. The customised teams in our Digital Factories and our sector-specific teams throughout Europe are on hand to help you start using these programmes in an agile and scalable way.

We combine the creativity of our design studios, the knowledge of our professional 3D specialists and the experience of a major integrator in your transformation to harness the power of X-Reality.


Remote experts help technicians on-site

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New technology helps maintain production and increase productivity at operating facilities by reducing the need to send technical experts between factories. By using HoloLens 2, Microsoft Teams, Intune and Dynamics 365 combined with a design-drive process, you can get a solution that gives on-site technicians support and help from remote experts.

How holographic technology is helping doctors deliver better care

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