Galvanise your customer experience

Galvanise Your Customer Experience

Let’s place customer experience at the heart of your business

The arrival of digital pure players competing with major market stakeholders has reshuffled the previously well established competitive landscape. Newcomers such as AirBnB, Uber and Amazon have successfully disrupted the status quo and gained market share by capitalising on customer experience.

At the same time, both B2C and B2B customers have become more volatile: they want companies to be more responsive, personalise their approach and provide a seamless and efficient service. Whereas established players initially focused on their offerings, now their strategy must become ‘customer-centric’ to establish competitive advantage and attract and retain loyal customers. Some established businesses have understood how to take advantage of these new business models to form mutually beneficial partnerships with their customers to achieve their strategic goals. Transport, for example, now has comprehensive mobility offers to meet the needs of diverse groups of customers. Health insurance companies are also organising themselves in an ecosystem to become their customers’ healthcare partner, with personalised advice, access to medical platforms and home delivery of medication.

Your customers - your company’s best asset

At Sopra Steria, we believe that a company’s best asset is its customers and that they should be at the centre of your business strategy. It is essential to position your service offerings and brand around customer experience and to align your entire organisation with your customer promise. Together, let’s reinvent your value proposition based on your customers’ needs to create tailored offers and differentiating experiences that will gain your customers loyalty in the long term.

Let’s build tomorrow’s customer experience together

We will work with you to understand and anticipate the needs of both prospects and customers and align your strategic projects to ensure your offerings meet their expectations. This might mean transforming how your company is organised, how it thinks and delivers its products and services and interacts internally as well as how it communicates with its customers and partners. We focus on your marketing policy, customer relations, sales and distribution channels to adapt them to deliver the best possible customer experience. By combining our extensive expertise and business knowledge with yours, we collaboratively design and develop digital products and services using the most relevant new and innovative technologies. Together, we can bring real added value to your customers and guarantee your competitive edge.


Let’s place customer experience at the heart of your business to collaboratively deliver your brand strategy and ensure you can personalise and anticipate current and future customer needs and expectations.