Our history

A Performance-Enhancing Corporate Plan

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of collaboration, we are committed to working alongside our customers to support their transformation and build together a future that sustainably puts digital at the service of people.

We therefore offer you a visionary and comprehensive approach, extensive know-how combined with in-depth knowledge of your business sector and innovative technologies. For us, digital is first and foremost a human adventure. 

  • A new paradigm focusing on development and competitiveness 

    The Sopra Steria 2020 Project is launched to improve the Group’s performance in all areas and increase its added value. The acquisition of CIMPA in October 2015 makes it possible to intensify its presence in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) market. After the acquisition of the publisher Cassiopae, finalised in January 2017, three new companies join Sopra Steria in 2017: Kentor, 2MoRO and Galitt. 

    In 2018, the Group acquires the German IT services company BLUECARAT to strengthen its positioning in Germany and to offer new growth opportunities to the local subsidiary, and Sword Apak to complete its Loans offer. In 2019, it makes two major breakthroughs in the core banking market with the acquisition of SAB and its partnership with Sparda-Bank in Germany, enabling it to build a digital platform for seven German banks. In late 2019, Sopra Steria also strengthened its business and consolidated its strategy by launching its new digital transformation consulting brand, Sopra Steria Next.

    With the acquisition of Sodifrance in 2020, the Group becomes a leader in digital services for insurance and welfare protection. In the United Kingdom, Sopra Steria acquires cxpartners, strengthening its expertise in customer experience and user-centric design.

    Lastly, Fidor Solutions, the software subsidiary of next-generation bank Fidor Bank specialising in digital banking solutions, joined the Group on 31 December 2020. With this acquisition, Sopra Banking Software has significantly accelerated the pace of its development, in particular by augmenting user features as part of its Digital Banking Engagement Platform (DBEP).

    In 2021, Sopra Steria was bolstered by the acquisition of French cybersecurity firm EVA Group. This acquisition is a key step toward positioning Sopra Steria as one of the top three players in the French cybersecurity market.

    The Group also acquired two other companies in 2021: EGGS Design, which specialises in digital service design and has locations in Norway’s four biggest cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger) as well as in Denmark (Copenhagen), and Labs, a Norwegian user experience consulting firm.

    Today, the Group ranks among the top 5 European digital transformation players, having earned a reputation for providing end-to-end solutions to address the core business needs of large companies and organisations, helping them remain competitive and grow.

  • Birth of a new European leader in digital transformation

    With complementary business lines, strategic verticals, geographical presences and a similar corporate culture, the two players merge to create the Sopra Steria group.  

  • Supporting digital transformation

    The bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2001 accelerates market changes. Customers seek out global players capable of supporting them in the transformation of their businesses.

     Steria responds to these challenges through major and structuring acquisitions such as the integration of the services activities of Bull in Europe in 2001, the acquisition of German Mummert Consulting in 2005 and Xansa, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) expert, in 2007.

     Sopra combines internal and external growth to consolidate its European expansion and its skills centres: consulting, system integration and solution publishing. Axway, a subsidiary created by the consolidation of the Group's software infrastructure divisions, is floated on the stock exchange in 2011.


  • Economic performance at the heart of the strategy

    Given the maturity of the IT services market, Sopra rethinks its fundamentals and refocuses on the integration of systems and software publishing. The Sopra group is floated on the stock exchange in 1990. Steria focuses on streamlining and industrialising processes to reorganise its operating structure. Buoyed by two commercial successes, Steria is floated on the stock exchange in 1999.


  • IT services to support the modernisation of companies

     Sopra and Steria are two separate entities operating in the emerging IT services industry. Their common goal: to meet the needs of key accounts with innovative products and services. Sopra invests in software development and expands its presence in the markets. At the same time, Steria wins several contracts in the public sector.



Sopra Steria today also means:
  • Top 5  European digital services companies
  • 5.8B€ of revenue in 2023

  • 56,000 employees


  • Operating in nearly 30 countries