Sopra Steria Ventures

Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software publishing, is committed to helping the emergence and growth of an innovative digital ecosystem in Europe.

Sopra Steria's ambition is to support a responsible digital transformation, within an increasingly demanding Innovation-to-Business-to-Consumer value chain, in order to accelerate value creation thanks to the power of collective intelligence.

The Sopra Steria Ventures initiative is part of the Group's innovative and entrepreneurial DNA.

By mastering the strategic challenges of each of its major market verticals, Sopra Steria has positioned itself at the core of this digital ecosystem as an architect and integrator of innovative solutions, to support the transformation of our customers' businesses and thus contribute to the performance of their products and services.

Through dynamic monitoring and a pragmatic approach to its ecosystems via its Scale-up and Chemistry programmes, Sopra Steria Ventures manages a qualified deal flow from the 3,000-plus startups in its monitoring base, Starfinder.

Sopra Steria Ventures works closely with the Group's Business Units to build stable, partnership-based relationships with over 50 startups by involving them in projects, investing directly in their capital, in equity, or indirectly, through funds in targeted fields, or through the creation of joint ventures.

These collaborations support the solutions of our software edition subsidiaries: Sopra Banking Software, Sopra HR Software and Sopra Steria Property Management Solutions. They also cover the challenges of the business areas of our major market verticals, on areas of technological expertise and emerging technologies.

Finally, with Sopra Steria Ventures, the Group solidifies its position in terms of digital sovereignty in France and Europe, through ethical and responsible investment by supporting European startups exclusively, to help them grow without losing either their DNA or their roots in order to contribute to a strong European future!

Sopra Steria Ventures' commitments

Sopra Steria is the only digital services company investing in these funds and provides, as a privileged partner, its full IT expertise, and a real go-to-market to the startups in their portfolio.

Since 2019, we have invested in:

  • Tikehau Ace Capital - Brienne III: Tikehau Ace Capital supports technology developers in all fields where digital trust is a key factor. Their funds are particularly involved in cybersecurity. They finance European companies with a strong technological focus and the ambition to become leaders in their market, through organic growth and/or consolidation operations. 
  • Truffle Financial Innovation Fund: the idea of this fund is to invest mainly in FinTech and Insurtech. The fund will target companies in the research, design, development, production and marketing of products or services based, in particular, on the following technologies: Big Data, AI and Predictive Analysis, Blockchain, IoT, and Cloud.
  • Spring Invest: the idea behind this RetailTech fund is to cover companies operating in the distribution sector, having developed an innovative product or service, a new technology, a process innovation or more generally any innovative offer contributing to the digital transformation of the distribution business.