"Aeroline Zero Emission" Programme

Digital Technology, a true accelerator for decarbonized aviation

A carbon-neutral aeronautics industry in 2050? This is a challenge that will transform a sector that is vital to the sustainability of the economy and mobility. Given its international dimension, its impact on employment and continuity of trade and tourism, the sector must succeed in its transition to reduce its environmental impact.

On October 7, 2022, 193 member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted the "net zero CO2" objective for 2050. To achieve this goal, the roadmap co-constructed by leading players in the aviation industry relies on major transformation axes mobilizing the entire value chain:

  • Design and development of new aircraft using carbon-free energy,
  • Renewal of the current fleet with more efficient and low-emission aircrafts,
  • Deployment of sustainable fuels (SAF : Sustainable Aviation Fuel),
  • Optimization of airport operations (electrification, etc.) and flight operations (traffic decongestion, optimized trajectories, reduction of condensation trails).

Responsible digital technology for sustainable aviation

As a tech leader committed to sustainable digital technology, Sopra Steria is contributing to this collective dynamic and is convinced that digital technology plays a key role in accelerating decarbonized aviation. The deployment of "Aeroline Zero Emission" program across the group demonstrates our commitment to this major transformation of the sector.

In the aeronautics sector, industrial systems are complex and interconnected. Data platforms, digital twins, simulation tools and other supercomputers are now opportunities to help improve the environmental performance of products and services. The challenge is to move from compulsive digital technology to efficient, controlled and intelligent digital technology to help reduce carbon emissions.

Ayedin Manzari

Director of the Aeroline Zero Emission Programme

Our support for decarbonization of the aeronautical sector

Environmental performance measurement and strategy
Transition to a low emission model
Systems approach and collaborative governance
"Sustainable by Design" products and services
Industrialization of net Zero Emission

With our Aeroline Zero Emission program, we are already working with industry and strategic partners. Our experts are also involved in specialized ecosystems and develop value propositions via demonstrators, digital platforms and redeployable tools.

Our main customers

  • Airbus
  • DSNA
  • Aerospace Valley

Our goal is to position Sopra Steria and its Aeroline vertical in structuring programs of sustainable aviation, to contribute actively to major tenders (ZIBAC, Horizon EU, Clean Aviation, etc.) and to put digitalization at the centre of the levers impacting the Net Zero 2050 roadmap: IAEG (International Aerospace Environmental Group), MAELE Lightweight and Environmentally Responsible Air Mobility), etc.

We thus support the transition of the entire aviation value chain, ranging from the aeronautical industry (Engineering, Manufacturing, Customer Services at OEMs and their suppliers) to the world of operations (airports, Air Traffic Manager, Airline companies, Regulators) as well as passenger experience and new aviation use cases.

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