Mastering multi-field environments

The international context is marked by strong tensions. Conflicts between regional players supported by larger powers are emerging. 

The spaces or fields of conflict have changed, expanding to encompass the intangible field and spaces in which the rules were not, or were insufficiently, defined (high seas and space). 

It's no longer just about land, sea and air. Conflicts are also being played out in cyberspace, space and in the informational and electromagnetic fields. 

This is multi-milieu - multi-field (M2MC), also known as multi-domain in the United States. 

Multi-milieu - multi-field operations require the integration and synergy of new combat domains (informational, cyber and space) in joint and combined operations (land, sea and air), with a faster decision-making loop “in order to surprise, saturate or destructure the adversary”. 

In this context, digital technologies play a major role, including the cloud, artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum technologies.

Sopra Steria is a leading partner in digital sovereignty. Working with a long-term vision on behalf of government ministries in France and Europe, we are recognized for our transformation and industrial offerings in six key business areas: 


Asymmetric combat, the return of high-intensity conflict, our armies are faced with multifaceted threats. The sovereign combat cloud is an indispensable tool for preparing them for all circumstances and all types of confrontation. The cloud is also used for general support, human resources work and the payment of salaries, both in France and in the UK. 

A set of organizational and technical attributes and processes using human, physical and information resources to accomplish missions, perform tasks (C2) and report back. 

Cyberspace is complex and encompasses many fields, including information warfare, post-quantum cryptography and systems cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. 

The State, via its Ministries of the Interior and Justice, is the guarantor of public order and security, aiming to protect the population and guarantee fair, transparent and efficient justice.

The operational effectiveness of forces depends on the efficiency and quality of support services such as operational readiness and logistics. 

By military space, we mean first and foremost orbital operations and “combat”, i.e. passive and active actions carried out by a state in space to guarantee the integrity of national space capabilities and services, and to maintain its freedom of action in this environment. Space warfare also includes actions on ground systems (receiving stations, command and control systems, etc.).

Multi-environment - multi-field integration: technologies in business domains

Cyber DefenseOperations & General SupportMaintenance & LogisticsCommand & ControlPublic Security & IdentityMilitary Space
AITrusted CloudQuantumAIAIQuantum
QuantumDigital twinDigital twinQuantumDigital twinAI
Digital twinAIAIDigital twinTrusted CloudDigital twin
 Extended realityExtended realityExtended reality 


The multi-environment, multi-field Defense & Security environment requires an excellent match between the technologies we master and the business fields for which we are recognized. Our overview and know-how enable our partners to adapt to the ever-changing constraints of defense and security.