Defence & Security

Protecting, innovating and guiding you through your transformation

Organisations – Governments, Ministries and Private Entities – now face multiple Defence and Security challenges. Better control of data and information is essential to minimise risk and ensure strategic, powerful digital autonomy.

At Sopra Steria, we are convinced that pooling expertise and information makes it possible to be more efficient and to guarantee the safety of individuals and data security. 

This complex environment requires vision and powerful civilian and technological innovation initiatives to adapt services to the evolving Defence and Security constraints in real time.

A Defence and Security vision dedicated to efficiency

We capitalise on our experience in different business sectors, combining our innovation abilities to offer creative and inspiring tailor-made solutions. Using a cross-fertilisation approach, we provide strong responses to Defence and Security requirements.

Building the right Defence and Security strategy together

As a global player in digital transformation and a Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB) player with more than 40 years' experience, we have in-depth knowledge of your markets and understand your issues, regardless of your organisation: from Ministries to international organisations such as NATO and the EU.

Our local teams, backed by Sopra Steria partners - start-ups, universities, competitiveness clusters and investment funds - support you on the ground to offer you comprehensive solutions and an optimal service. We bring you technological innovations through events, specific think tanks and thought leadership. Our strong presence in other sectors gives us an original, experience-based understanding of your issues.

A results-oriented value proposition for the Defence and Security sector

As a choice partner for digital sovereignty, we develop expertise focussed on your main activities: command and control, intelligence, logistics, maintenance, justice, cyber defence, etc. We are also among the first to have received Security Incident Detection Provider Certification (PDIS).


Together, we effectively transform civilian innovation into relevant defence and security solutions at your service.