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Let's reinvent banking together; injecting more agility and innovation

New challenges push us to rethink financial services

Banks and financial institutions now face a genuine revolution that forces the sector to address three major challenges.

Disintermediation: a proven risk

To meet customer expectations that require greater transparency, customisation, innovation and more cost-effective offers, newcomers are revolutionising traditional business models by offering disruptive services: mobile banking, biometric payment, etc. To avoid the risk of disintermediation and to address this new way of consuming banking services, we are convinced that consultancy and the role of trusted third parties are becoming essential for traditional players.

Regulatory compliance, a business issue

Regulatory changes are also disrupting the market and forcing banks to exercise greater transparency in liquidity and risk management (Basel II, Basel III, IFRS 9) while respecting data confidentiality.

Banking players must therefore adapt their information systems ever more quickly to remain compliant and comply with security rules while remaining competitive.

Identify new sources of income to remain indispensable

Activities that usually generate margin are being squeezed and new technologies are shaking up the industry.  Professionals must therefore transform themselves by being more open and by prioritising services over products. Open Banking is one example. As such, it is essential to ensure customer data is interoperable and used efficiently to develop the business and improve customer satisfaction across all channels (banking branch, mobile, Internet). 

A bold vision of the future of banking

To safeguard your position as a go-to player in your market both now and the in the future, our teams help you to get the most out of data and to develop new partnerships to unlock the benefits of the best technological breakthroughs whilst sharing and controlling your costs. Our goal is to help you develop a more consumer-centric approach to offer ever more personalised services while preserving margins.

Building a new banking model together

Through our subsidiary Sopra Banking Software, we offer and implement powerful and agile software solutions. Our biggest customers include Société Générale, BNP Paribas, La Banque Postale, HSBC, Crédit Agricole, RBS, Hyundai Capital, Bank of China, etc.

We use our sector know-how spanning over 40 years and our end-to-end offer to work on your projects to create value through innovation, digitalisation, security, compliance and managed services.

A results-driven value proposition for the banking sector

Our teams combine proven software packages with a hard-hitting offer combining strategic advice, systems integration, software publishing and infrastructure management, to help you successfully complete your transformation. By designing and industrialising tailored solutions for each banking ecosystem, we act as a "transformation booster". We facilitate and accelerate transformation to optimise your existing model.


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Sopra Steria Financial Services Analyst Day

Our Executive team and Experts presented and illustrated our ambition and offering strategy in the financial services market. 

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