Ipsos & Sopra Steria Research 2022:
What do bank customers want and how to secure your organisation's future

The banking landscape has dramatically changed in the past two years, and banks need to adapt their offering as their customers shift to digital channels and demand new products in an increasingly competitive environment. 

This study finds that banks can address customers' demands by capitalising on two of their biggest assets; customers trust and their insight into thei users' data, to deliver enhanced experience, an improved digital journey and a more diverse product offering. We have identified five specific areas of opportunity for the banks to compete and generate new sources of revenue:

  • Sustainable Finance
  • Cyber Security
  • Non-banking services
  • Cybercurrencies
  • Client relationships 

With the Open Banking movement in the background, the way banks effectively participate in the broader ecosystem — and how well they select their partnerships — will determine their future success.


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Key Findings

Sustainable Finance

59 % of all customers consider that ESG is sufficiently taken into consideration by their banks.


47 % of victims of cyber crime have also invested in crypto currency.

Banks as a trusted service platform

59 % of all customers would like a secure data storage service from their bank, and 52% want real estate services.

Banks as a cryptocurrency adviser

More than 1 out of 4 clients has already invested in cryptocurrencies, even more in the US and Africa.

Personalised client relations

2 out of 3 clients are dissatisfied with current digital tools, and 33 % of clients would be willing to open a bank account with a big tech company.

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The survey has been conducted in 14 countries, including 12,500 participants aged 18+ with a bank account 

  • 9 European countries (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • US
  • 4 African countries (Morocco, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya)