A more agile State through far-reaching technological transformation

Ministries at the centre of State development

Citizens and businesses lead and pace governments and ministries. Playing a key role, they both originate numerous reforms and are responsible for their implementation. Their actions must therefore be tangible, rapid, effective and generate results in record time.

These complex challenges mean that Ministries undergo in-depth transformation while meeting their budgetary constraints. To be successful, this type of transformation must be based on three factors:

  • Innovation and new technologies must contribute to digitalising administrations, giving them greater agility and operational efficiency.
  • Change must be explained, helped and guided through all operational and decision-making levels to make sure it is accepted and adopted by both users and civil servants.
  • Discussion and cross-fertilization between administrations and compliance with information system constraints, etc. ensure that any transformation generates value.

A State vision focussed on efficiency

Sopra Steria helps the State achieve greater agility and efficiency. Our experts build creative and disruptive solutions based on citizens’ issues and viewpoints. This vision makes it possible to identify areas for improvement and to bring citizens and public services closer together. Using an approach that transforms people and technology, the State is fully rooted in the reality of citizens and private-sector players.

Building the State of the future together

At Sopra Steria, we have recognised experience in supporting Ministries, Public Agencies, Pensions and Social Security Departments such as the French Ministry of Finance (Customs, IS Directorate, Treasury, etc.), French Ministry of Education, French Ministry of the Environment, inter-ministerial organizations, urban centres (in particular the Paris City Hall) and German federal administrations.

This experience enables us to streamline best practices and solutions in infrastructure management, cybersecurity, Cloud, AI, Blockchain, enterprise automation, drones, IoT and many other technologies.

As a trusted partner, we provide you with a comprehensive approach and service: including strategic advice, systems integration implementation and transformation design.

Our Sopra Steria experts work closely with your teams on a geographical, cultural and linguistic level. Whatever your territorial reach, they apply the appropriate technology and create tailored value-added solutions to your current and future challenges.

A results-oriented value proposition for the State

Sopra Steria helps public institutions evolve towards a new generation of administration, making each transformation an opportunity for progress. By genuinely focusing on the needs of citizens and businesses, we combine the most relevant advisory services and technologies to modernise the State while respecting its constraints and budget.


Sopra Steria launches the Q@Home solution to contribute to the challenges of social distancing and real-time flow management

At Sopra Steria, we believe that technology can help to fight the spread of Covid-19 and make it easier for citizens to adapt to the new challenges that come with it. Alongside maintaining essential activities for all, social distancing is a major focus in preparing for tomorrow's world. Read more.

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Claire Ducos, Sopra Steria Next, and Brice Teinturier, IPSOS France, interpret the results of the Digital Gov’2018  Barometer

Online Public Services seen by European citizens - Claire Ducos, Sopra Steria Next, and Brice Teinturier, IPSOS France, interpret the results of the Digital Gov’2018 Barometer

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Cegedim Rx - Improving delivery to UK retail sector

Jul 22, 2019, 12:19 PM
Title : Cegedim Rx - Improving delivery to UK retail sector
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Healthcare solution provider transforms its ability to introduce new product features and reduce delivery costs without compromising quality

Healthcare solution provider transforms its ability to introduce new product features and reduce delivery costs without compromising quality

CegedimRx UK sought a delivery partner to augment its IT capabilities and explore new technologies in the development of next generation healthcare solutions.

The Challenge

CegedimRx UK is part of the Cegedim Group, a leading supplier of healthcare technology and information services across Europe.

The UK business provides patient medication record (PMR) and healthcare solutions to more than 5,000 pharmacy stores. These outlets account for more than 65% of UK pharmacies. CegedimRx describes its vision as ‘to transform clinical and medication services using innovative technology to advance patient care’.

To achieve this vision the business sought a technology partner able to support a number of objectives. These included the ability to accelerate the development and rollout of new features on the company’s PMR solutions and the reduction of delivery costs without compromising quality.

CegedimRx also wanted to explore technology alternatives for the development of its next generation healthcare solutions, and sought an improved engagement model with its retail pharmacy customers.

Key Points

  • Application development and quality assurance for two leading dispensing systems
  • Integrated offshore-onshore model
  • Proven track record with retail healthcare chains helps improve engagement with UK pharmacies

Our solution

Technology-enabled business service provider Sopra Steria has a proven track record in supplying services to the retail healthcare sector. Having provided one of CegedimRx’s customers with application development and support services, including support for its pharmacy dispensing systems, Sopra Steria was ideally placed to help CegedimRx deliver its vision. CegedimRx needed Sopra Steria’s skilled resources to help it address issues that were having an impact on its timelines and quality of delivery

The solution is built on an integrated offshore-onshore delivery model, which CegedimRx was keen to embrace.

The Solution comprises the following:

  • Application development, testing and infrastructure support services for the company’s leading PMR solution products
  • Consultancy services for technology, architecture, testing, strategy, service management and programme management
  • Additional consultancy with regard to reviewing Java OpenSource framework capabilities for developing a next generation healthcare solution.

 How we worked together

Although CegedimRx had not previously used an offshore model for application development and support, it had witnessed the model working successfully for one of its leading UK customers.

During the initial discussions, Sopra Steria proposed a transition plan that would enable CegedimRx to embrace the offshore delivery model and the governance mechanism associated with it.

Today the Sopra Steria solution rests on an 85:15 offshoreonshore ratio. This provides cost optimisation to CegedimRx due to the offshore-based resource model, while not compromising on the quality of delivery.

Sopra Steria’s programme manager travels regularly to CegedimRx’s UK locations. Daily virtual meetings or calls between India and the UK are also part of the shared best practice governance model.

Sopra Steria is providing both application development and testing services. This involves the development and quality assurance of the various enhancements introduced into CegedimRx’s key application products, Nexphase and Pharmacy Manager.

In addition, Sopra Steria has provided infrastructure support consultancy services, advising CegedimRx on the latest technology trends on Citrix and VM architecture solutions. A reporting model has been put in place that helps to record the demands from the business from time to time and forecast its fulfilment from offshore.

Results and benefits

CegedimRx is working on its next generation pharmacy and healthcare solution product and is keen to involve Sopra Steria in the various phases of application development, testing and deployment. The partnership to date has yielded a number of business benefits:

  • Stabilisation of legacy application products
  • Optimised delivery costs through flexible offshore resource deployment
  • Continuous process improvements leading to better quality and smarter ways of working

The CegedimRx and Sopra Steria partnership has resulted in cross-company teams seamlessly working together to improve our customer experience, driving down costs and enhancing revenue through new services.


CegedimRx Technical Director

  • Access to technology alternatives and development methodologies, including the roadmap to a new platform that will help CegedimRx build an enterprise-level pharmacy dispensing solution
  • Quick redeployment and distribution of resources into new initiatives and Business as Usual activities enable CegedimRx to not only progress new ventures but also ramp up application support during peaks of demand
  • Improved demand and pipeline planning to sustain optimum capacity at offshore.

With deep retail industry experience, Sopra Steria has helped bring about a better engagement model between CegedimRx and its retail pharmacy customers.

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Approvisionnement des produits de santé Médicaments
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