World Water Day: four initiatives to support access to water and its preservation

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As part of its corporate responsibility programme, Sopra Steria has been working for many years to promote projects supporting access to water and its preservation. To mark World Water Day, the Group looks back at four of the initiatives carried out around the world, with the help of our employees.

  • In France, Sopra Steria supports Osiris Agriculture, a young startup that is part of the European agro-ecological transition. Its connected robot "Oscar", developed by the three project leaders engineers and farmers' sons helps farmers optimise irrigation. It therefore helps better adapt water provision related to need in irrigating field crops and also helps the fertilisation and protection of plants. As winner of the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation's Entreprendre pour demain prize in 2022, Osiris is supported by Sopra Steria's volunteer experts and is incubated at PlaneticLab, an incubator in Paris. 
  • In the Beneluxregion, Sopra Steria has been supporting Join ForWater, an NGO that operates water access programmes in developing countries, since 2019. The Group supports its field action in Uganda through an annual donation to provide access to drinking water and sanitation. Join For Water also enables Sopra Steria to take action to preserve water on its sites and to promote eco-actions on a daily basis. Thanks to food and clothing challenges, the Group is raising employees' awareness of the use of water in everyday life, to move collectively towards balanced and responsible consumption.
  • In Germany, Sopra Steria has been a member of the Fleetenkieker e.V.association for three years and takes part in protecting the water of the Aster, the main reservoir of the city of Hamburg. As part of the "Alstergold" programme, the association operates two boats that clean the surface and banks of the river. Volunteer employees can take part in these cleaning operations together with local residents, which contributes to the quality of life in the city. The association also carries out projects with young people to raise awareness of the preservation of this precious natural resource.
  • In Indiaaccess to water has been a key component of Sopra Steria's education, health and sanitation programme in its partner schools, for more than 15 years. Workshops are held in Noida, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune, where the company's offices are located. Through videos, quizzes and poster competitions, Sopra Steria employees educate children on the importance of water, its use, preservation and prevention of waste and pollution. Employees are also invited to a conference on water conservation with well-known experts. In 2023, the water education programme will have reached more than 5,000students aged 5 to 18.

Sopra Steria's solidarity programme is based on four main areas: access to digital technology, education, employment and water. Click here to find out more.


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Aurélien Flaugnatti
Aurélien Flaugnatti
Content & PR manager, Sopra Steria