Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence

Today, organizations that have positioned innovation at the heart of their strategy are facing new challenges: improving the relationship between users and the IS, relieving congestion in support services while increasing their processing capacity, concentrating staff on value-added activities.

It then becomes essential for organizations to put digital solutions at the service of all in order to meet the needs of their customers and their teams. To meet these challenges, new technologies (Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Semantic Analysis...) can make human-machine interactions more fluid and natural.

At Sopra Steria, we are convinced that it is essential to combine intelligences (collective, human and artificial) to ensure seamless interactions, favouring access to the best of corporate knowledge: "Alive Intelligence".

Our offer

Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence, in particular, responds to the need for access to expert task automation knowledge. 

It is designed for all types of business areas (IT, HR, Finance, Production, etc.).

The solution consists of a SaaS platform, available on Premise or in the Open Trusted Cloud of OVHcloud, which enables :

  • Quickly implement a digital assistant by your knowledge for your business,
  • Generate complex dialogues in your natural language (with IBM Watson or others...)
  • Make the Company's capital of knowledge and expertise available to all, 
  • Interconnect your ecosystem through APIs while remaining compliant with the GDMP.



Thanks to Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence, deploy your PDA in less than a week to respond to a crisis management scenario.

For more complex IT projects, achieve your business objectives in 3 months. Our multi-disciplinary teams will help you define your scope and build your 'Proof of Value' for :

  • Automate up to 80% of your activities
  • Generate up to 50% savings 
  • Increase your customer satisfaction 
  • Relieve your over-mobilized teams during peak loads or crises 

Together, let's bring your company's knowledge to life now.

| Patrick Meyer

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