Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: the transformative force of our generation

Business moves fast but the transformation that artificial intelligence will usher in the coming decade will fundamentally and forever recast our working lives and business models.

AI is the transformative force of our generation, dramatically reshaping the core of company operations across all business lines, all industries and all geographies.

The shift goes far beyond first-line customer service tools. Generative AI is already analysing and improving all aspects of business operations for the world’s leading companies, driving greater efficiency, enhanced performance and tremendous cost savings.

AI as a strategic advisor

More than simply a retrospective analytical tool, the tech is already emerging as a critical predictive tool, learning from past performance and experience to create new forward-looking insight, more powerful than human intuition alone, and that helps guide business leaders in making investment forecasting and strategic business decision-making.

At Sopra Steria, our team of more than 500 AI experts specialise in guiding our clients to establish AI strategies tailor made for their business needs and digital maturity.

We support our clients at all stages of the process, from evaluating their existing data management and digital infrastructure through to conceptualising and realising their new AI ambitions, ensuring they are ready to take full advantage of the AI era.

Supporting our clients’ AI goals

Our strategy is built around four core pillars:

Leveraging Generative AI: helping our customers harness the potential of Generative AI and equipping them with high value-adding solutions. 

AI for Software Engineering: swiftly integrate AI technologies into our software engineering businesses to boost efficiency in both development and maintenance.

Advanced Search Techniques: offering our customers tailored intelligent assistants specialised in specific business functions

Industrialised & Responsible AI: assisting companies in scaling up their use of AI while ensuring they prepare to align with ethical and regulatory standards.

Challenges and opportunities

No transformation project is without its challenges. At Sopra Steria our talent team specialising in rapidly identifying each client’s unique situation and leveraging their comprehensive technological expertise to provide you with practical actionable insight to bring your AI ambitions to life quickly and cost-effectively.

Our latest news

Generative AI – A $100bn market by 2028 according to Sopra Steria Next
According to a study carried out by Sopra Steria Next, the generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) market is set to grow exponentially between now and 2028.
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With INA, Sopra Steria and Telefónica are propelling the telecommunications industry into the quantum era
Leveraging the Azure Quantum solution, together they are harnessing the latest breakthroughs in quantum technology to optimise telecoms networks in Germany.
Telecommunication, Media & Entertainment
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Sopra Steria and Pelico enter into a partnership to optimise supply chain management for manufacturing companies
This strategic partnership addresses the need for data sovereignty in supply chains, offering Sopra Steria’s customers a 100% French solution.
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Sopra Steria integrates generative AI tools into its development platforms
Generative AI has the potential to significantly impact productivity and performance in a number of areas. Sopra Steria is ramping up its investments in artificial intelligence.
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Sopra Steria teams with NVIDIA to leverage the full potential of the industrial metaverse
This collaboration will allow Sopra Steria experts to extend their use of virtual reality, 3D and digital twins in the metaverse.
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How AI is powering support services for EDF employees
World leader in low-carbon energy generation EDF wanted an innovative tech solution to ease pressure on IT support teams while also boosting service quality. AMY was the answer. 
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