Infrastructure Management

Guaranteeing efficient, agile infrastructures

IT, a key business lines partner

IT is now the primary contributor to business innovation, reinventing the customer/user experience, securing openness to the partner ecosystem, boosting employee collaboration and improving operational efficiency. Agility and cross-cutting activity are disrupting traditional approaches, thus reducing time-to-market. The ISDs that make up a highly diversified IT asset must integrate the most advanced technologies to exploit the wealth resulting from data exploitation and Artificial Intelligence. 

Sopra Steria supports this transformation by ensuring, in parallel, that the objectives of reliability, availability and safety are achieved.

The Infrastructure Management Services Offer: 5 services essential to the evolution of Information Systems

We have developed a comprehensive Infrastructure Management offering combining advisory and multi-modal operations management activities, taking into account the generational diversity of your IT assets. 

Accordingly, we provide a complete, flexible and tailor-made range of services covering all of your assets:

  • Consulting Services: we support you in analysis, identification of needs, service recommendations, choice of partners and overall support for transformation projects.
  • Cloud Services: we offer a wide range of managed services and Cloud solutions, developed with market leaders to meet the challenges of private, public and hybrid Cloud.
  • End-User Support Services: our Services Desk modernisation and transformation offers use a new generation of customisable tools that rely on artificial intelligence, with one objective: to be effective by taking technological, applications and business issues into account.
  • Digital Workplace Services: we offer a flexible and agile set of services for the through-life support of the Digital Workplace, including collaborative tools and fixed and mobile device management.
  • Legacy Services: Our experts optimise existing infrastructures and applications while ensuring these evolve towards new models hosted in the Cloud. Our services are supplemented by hosting capacity located in Europe and benefiting from numerous certifications (ISO 27001, HDS in France).

A bespoke approach, the DNA of Sopra Steria

Drawing upon around 3,000 technology experts and over 10 years of development of our facilities management services centres in Europe and India, Sopra Steria supports you in your technological and organisational transformation projects, taking into account the specifics of your activity and business lines. Our business teams are continually innovating to take advantage of the latest technologies and respond to your strategic challenges. To do this, we take a combined continuous improvement, innovation and R&D approach.

Our goal is to provide long-term vision that gives you the edge in your sector.

Supporting our customers in successful digital transformation is central to Sopra Steria’s Infrastructure Management business. Success depends on day-to-day management of infrastructures, and above all on analysing and developing IT assets, by automating legacy, integrating AIOps and adopting Cloud models.


Jean-Marie SOUCHU

Executive Director of Infrastructure Management, Sopra Steria

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