Cloud Economics

Financial optimisation with Cloud Economics

According to Gartner, while the integration of Cloud services could enable companies to make cost savings of nearly 50%, it is essential to adopt a Cloud Cost Management (FinOps) approach.

Sopra Steria offers a range of services enabling businesses to manage resource consumption efficiently in the (private, public and hybrid) cloud. This services offering incorporates consulting services to help you prepare and financially assess your migration to the cloud, as well as continuous optimisation solutions provided by our experts.

With the Cloud Economics offering, plan the financial aspects of your migration to the cloud and optimise your resource consumption. 

The Cloud Economics Offering

Our experts are here to help you build your business case and work alongside you to deliver the Cloud Cost Management activities suited to your cloud strategy (private, public, hybrid and multicloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Red Hat, VMware):

  • Planning and cost control
  • Real-time budgetary control, continuous optimisation
  • Governance enhancement: compliance, security and best practice.

Multidisciplinary skills and recognised expertise

  • A dedicated Cloud Economics skills centre within Sopra Steria's Cloud Center of Excellence.
  • FinOps experts with multidisciplinary skills: technical, financial and compliance.
  • Sopra Steria has been awarded certifications in the leading cloud technologies: AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware, CloudHealth.


Sopra Steria Cloud Services : Financial optimisation with Cloud Economics

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