Cloud Computing as a catalyst of Digital Disruption

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According to Gartner, a third of top performing organisations rate cloud as a top 3 investing priority. By 2022, Gartner projects the market size and growth of the cloud services industry at nearly three times the growth of overall IT services.
Cloud becomes a strategic enabler for Digital Transformation bringing faster time-to-market, as-a-Service consumption and a unique access to innovative techs such as IoT, Big Data, AI, Blockchain…
Nevertheless, Cloud model adopters face a 3-dimension challenge affecting their culture, process and technology. How can we assist companies to overcome these last?

Our Know How

We have created a Cloud Center of Excellence composed of 3,000 headcounts with expertise on both applications & infrastructure layers. This multidisciplinary team combine strategic consulting and change management skills, migration, application modernisation and new development know-how, and a wide-ranging expertise in HybridPrivate and Public Cloud including both management and operations.

Such teamwork is reachable thanks to a CTO operating model (Consulting-Transformation-Operations) and a unique end-to-end “BizDevSecOps” approach.

We capitalise on all the strengths of our different Vertical BU and expertise, spread across Europe and near/off-shore to bring out the very best of Cloud technology.

Sopra Steria Cloud Services

Our portfolio provides you with the resources to drive your transformation, enabling Cloud as the engine that moves the Business : 

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Digital Innovation Factory

A modular range of services enabling companies to fully support their changes.

What's new?

Sopra Steria renews its Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status

This renewal demonstrates Sopra Steria’s ability to deliver consistent, repeatable high-fidelity managed services on Azure.

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Sopra Steria and OVHcloud expand their partnership to industrialise AI and accelerate companies’ transformation using open source principles

By combining OVHcloud’s AI offering with Sopra Steria’s AI-industrialisation capabilities, this partnership will enable companies to scale up AI rollout.

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Sopra Steria achieves the Cloud Migration Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

This Cloud Migration partner specialization demonstrates that Sopra Steria Teams have proven expertise and successfully built customer Cloud Migration solutions of workload and data from on-premises, private Cloud or other public Clouds to Google Cloud technologies.

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Success stories

Consum innovates at the speed of the business thanks to Cloud-native solution

As the retail industry goes through a strong disruptive transformation all around the globe, Consum has started its digital transformation strategy in 2017 convinced that new emerging technology can help it: to offer more value to people, to gain in efficiency, to simplify its tasks and processes, and in fine to provide a better quality of service to its partner-customers.

SNCF propels its digital transformation through massive, industrial and selective Multi-Cloud adoption

In 2016, the SNCF group, which operates in the passenger and freight transport sectors with 275,000 employees, decided to modernise and make its IT assets more agile by launching the Programme Renouveau du Socle Numérique, PRSN, for which e.SNCF is the prime contractor.

Schréder enlightens its entire IT systems with Cloud Services

To enable its move to the Cloud and the management of its whole infrastructure, digital workplace and global cybersecurity, Schréder has once again selected Sopra Steria, its former outsourcer.


Digital Innovation Factory (1/3): The Enterprise Platform and the CIO at the age of the new normal

| Béatrice Rollet, Marlon Bromfield

Covid-19 pandemic has showed that the most digitalized companies, the digital-first companies, were the un-constable winner of this challenging period. Providing business activities through advanced digital experiences or platform offerings, these companies has kept their customers and partners engaged and happy in this challenging period.

Digital Innovation Factory (2/3): How to reshape your software development activities at the era of cloud-native application?

| Béatrice Rollet, Neil Anderson

60% of backend developers use containers in their work. Relying on cloud-native technologies, defining as modern applications packaged in containers, deployed as micro-services, running on elastic infrastructure, and managed through agile DevSecOps processes fits very well with large enterprise who very often encompass a wide variety of software technologies.

Digital Innovation Factory (3/3): Which technical platform select and how operate it over the time?

| Béatrice Rollet, Simon Herd

As seen previously, digital experience and platform offerings call for a massive amount of software with frequent new services, and regularly updated and deleted new features. Long-established companies adopting an Enterprise Platform model must then own a new Digital Innovation Factory encompassing a Technical Platform.

How can you use your IT assets to achieve digital transformation?

| Andre Bakland, Simon Herd, Béatrice Rollet

According to Gartner, for every dollar invested in digitalisation in 2020, three dollars will have to be invested in the modernisation of IT assets. Therefore, opting for the right evolution strategy becomes a crucial issue. Read more.

Anticipate cloud migration with FinOps

| Marlène Seif, Béatrice Rollet

Innovative and fast cloud services are crucial to digital transformation initiatives. Whilst there is no textbook model on how to adopt these services, it is nonetheless vital for companies to integrate them as fully optimised services in order to control their ROI.

How to control and optimise your cloud costs

| Didier Teixeira, Béatrice Rollet, Frédéric Janicot

Using public cloud services means rethinking your IT financial management. 

Multi-Cloud Alliance strategy 

To offer cutting-edge services, we have developed partnerships and certification programs with hyperscale Cloud Service Providers and leading vendors: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Pega, OVHCloud, Red Hat, Salesforce, SAP and VMware.

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