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Map your IT assets to help them evolve better

According to Gartner, for every 1 euro spent on digital transformation, 3 must be spent on modernizing its existing applications. It becomes vital for organizations to know their IT assets and to be able to define a clear evolution strategy.

This is why, within Sopra Steria Cloud Services, we have created the Discovery Assessment offer, which enables companies to define their evolution strategy with a roadmap. Our consultants help you map out your IT assets or Business Capabilities, recommend modernization scenarios and refine a business case to support your transformation project.

With our Discovery Assessment offer, benefit from a clear and complete vision of your IT assets with a detailed roadmap.

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Discovery Assessment Offer


Find out our Discovery Assessment offer

Title: Check out our Discovery Assessment offer

Focused on digital transformation, organisations must make the IT agile to address business challenges. The cloud and business technologies are catalysts for this transformation. Let's take an example improving customer experience is a top tier challenge for companies. Business owners. Owners, CIOs and COOs are wondering how to take advantage of the cloud and business technology to quickly and continuously innovate.What is the right approach and how should it be financed? Sopra Steria has the answer: discovery Assessment. Once you have set your goals, the solution enables you to gather information, analyze and refine change scenarios with an Iterative approach, and finally design IT strategy.Thanks to the Sopra Steria’s BCPM tool combined with automation solutions, our consultants collect existing intelligence from your company. The data is then enriched by interviews with your teams. Our dashboards and scoring methods allow our consultants to analyze information and then identify and select the right development scenarios with a financial forecast. Next, our experts present their recommendations, which you approved together by prioritizing them according to your business needs.Our teams can produce a business case to refine financial estimates. To implement the final recommendations, Sopra Steria delivers a roadmap with various scenarios. Now you can start to make changes in your legacy IT and improve your customer experience. With Sopra Steria Discovery Assessment, you get a clear and holistic overview of your IT, with a detailed roadmap. You can make your IT agile and continuously innovate while generating savings.To go further, contact one of our Digital & Cloud Center of Excellence experts, and discover our three key services app, modernization, migration and Infrastructure Management.

Sopra Steria - The world is how we shape it

Sopra Steria's teams use a proven methodology and tools that automate the collection, aggregation, processing of information while relying on IT transformation expertise:

  • Discovery: Collection, inventory and processing of information related to your IT assets or Business Capabilities
  • Assessment: Iterative analysis, definition of the different evolution scenarios and associated business case
  • Roadmap: Sharing the roadmap and recommendations 

Make your business more agile, and innovate quickly and continuously, while generating cost savings

  • Consultants with multidisciplinary skills: infrastructure and application, financial, security and compliance
  • A Sopra Steria Digital & Cloud Center of Excellence based on our tools, as well as those available on the market
  • Certifications on leading technologies in the Cloud: AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Red Hat and also Turbonomic, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, VMware including VMware Aria and more.

Our client stories

SNCF propels its digital transformation through massive, industrial and selective Multi-Cloud adoption

In 2016, the SNCF group, which operates in the passenger and freight transport sectors with 275,000 employees, decided to modernise and make its IT assets more agile by launching the Programme Renouveau du Socle Numérique, PRSN, for which e.SNCF is the prime contractor.

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| Andre Bakland, Simon Herd

How can you use your IT assets to achieve digital transformation?
According to Gartner, for every dollar invested in digitalisation in 2020, three dollars will have to be invested in the modernisation of IT assets. Therefore, opting for the right evolution strategy becomes a crucial issue. Read more.
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