Unleash Your Human Capital

Unleash Your Human Capital

Let’s take on your people transformation challenges and collaboratively overcome changes in models, cultures and skills

Digital transformation isn’t just about technology – instead it’s much more about people-focused and organisational change. The digital revolution is shaking up service models and collaboration methods, challenging organisations and imposing new and different ways of thinking and working. The test for today’s organisations is make digital transformation a real opportunity for individuals – employees, customers, partners to become and to stay in sync with the world.

For large, well-established organisations, performing at a high level means adapting to new market expectations, customer portfolio renewals, and changing ways of working. To address these new challenges we must rethink how we transform and enhance the skill sets of our most valued assets – our employees, to boost agility, enhance differentiation and sharpen competitive edge.

Human capital is the true force behind transformation

At Sopra Steria, we are convinced that a business must work hard to nurture employees’ support for its raison d’être and direction. That’s why it’s essential to embed collective intelligence practices and encourage the adoption of new, innovative methods, tools, organisations and outlooks to deliver success. Critically, companies must align the employee digital experience with that of their customers – ensuring that internal systems are as seamless and frictionless as external solutions.

Integrating and developing employees as a key part of strategic and operational transformation methods has always been at the centre of our approach. But we also believe that harnessing the ‘outside’ ecosystem is a major factor in accelerating transformation performance. It’s vital that everyone across the company is committed to addressing internal and external transformation as each actively contribute to reinventing and boosting the company’s value. This commitment applies to specific vertical sector operations as well as horizontal market interactions. At Sopra Steria, we know that various levers can stimulate transformation and that the right change management plans an accelerate reinvention. Sharing knowledge and pooling collective intelligence is key to successful change. Companies need to adopt innovative and agile management methods, training plans and work collaboratively to embed lasting change. They must encourage new role models and develop effective networks amongst employees as well as the wider market. Put simply, companies must foster a culture of collaborative talent to continuously meet the ever increasing demands – and rapid change in promises made to the customer.

Together, we can accelerate your ability to harness your human capital, by putting your employees at the centre of your strategy and its execution.

Let’s reinvent your organisation’s HR value model and employee experience together

Human Resources (HR) must reconsider its transformative role and how its contribution to the business is delivered. At the same time, HR must relieve itself of tasks which add little value. We will help you to redefine your skills transformation strategy so that it continuously adapts to meet your ongoing challenges.

We will collaborate, combining our experience and skills with yours to ensure you address your needs and meet your goals. Together, we will integrate required behaviour changes into your strategy and implement new ways of working. Our proven transformation approach means we align the end -to-end employee experience, right from recruitment, to what you want your customers to experience by modelling, equipping and organising the delivery of the entire HR function. Working alongside your team, we help you to redefine roles, structures and ways of working within your HR function. Our Sopra HR Software solution then ensures we select the best and most relevant HR information system and ensure it remains cutting edge and ‘state-of-the-art. Finally, we inspire and equip your plans and people to release your collective intelligence and accelerate your transformation. The result? Your employer brand gains in attractiveness and you show the value of your talent.


Let’s take on your people transformation challenges and collaboratively overcome changes in models, cultures and skills.