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Adoption of business technologies plays a crucial role in the digital transformation journey. Sopra Steria Digital & Cloud Center of Excellence offers a comprehensive and modular range of services for AWS allowing enterprises to take advantage of innovative capabilities to deliver business results.

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Sopra Steria AWS WAFR Services

Consistent assessment capabilities for evaluating architectures and implement secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient platforms.



Sopra Steria Managed Cloud Services for AWS

Complete set of services for helping you define and run the most sophisticated applications with flexibility, reliability, and scalability.




Sopra Steria Migration Services for AWS

Move-to-Cloud activities offering organizations a value-led, flexible, and cost-effective migration approach towards AWS technologies.



Sopra Steria SAP Transformation Services on AWS

Transformative services for ERP landscape helping to seize SAP S/4 HANA benefits such as business automation efficiency, real-time information, or industry-specific workflows.


Sopra Steria Container and Orchestration Services with AWS

Comprehensible and flexible range of services aiming at simplifying developers’ activities, through container and orchestration services including DevSecOps, automated, AI-driven, and secure practices.


Sopra Steria Contact Center with Amazon Connect

Omnichannel Cloud contact centre relying on Amazon Connect, including features such as interactive voice response (IVR), chatbots, messaging and web capabilities, allowing single intuitive user interface (UI) for contact routing, queuing, and analytics.

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Access to Sopra Steria's Cloud Center of Excellence, dedicated to AWS technologies

  • More than 300 AWS certifications
  • AWS Migration Consulting Competency
  • AWS Financial Services Consulting Competency
  • Member of Partner Program AWS Advanced Consulting
  • Member of the Partner Program AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Member of Partner Program AWS Immersion Day Partner
  • Member of Partner Program AWS Well Architected
  • Member of Partner Program AWS Public Sector Partner

What's new?

Sopra Steria and Amazon Web Services expand enterprise transformation velocity with cutting-edge services
Sopra Steria Digital and Cloud Center of Excellence teams up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer high-scalable, data-driven and AI powered solutions, propelled by sustainable facilities.
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Client stories

Biodrone specialised in drone services revolutionises forestry

Biodrone is specialised in drone services within the forestry and agricultural industry. Biodrone wanted to create a simple and accessible method for forest analysis to contribute to sustainable precision forestry.

Arkema rocks its unified end-to-end Business Processes Data into the Cloud

To boost its product innovation and customer programs, Arkema decided to reshape the management of its data challenged by numerous systems. This transformational data project allows to unify data from its CRM, SRM and ERP systems into a Master Data Management (MDM) platform.

MIMIRO brings farmers of the future in the Cloud
MIMIRO has decided to create some new applications leveraging Internet of Things, Data, Machine Learning and Security services. To design, implement and enable this solution relying on AWS Cloud innovative capabilities, MIMIRO have selected Sopra Steria.

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