Sopra Steria Container and Orchestration Services with AWS

Free up continuous innovation with AWS Container Technologies

The new normal calls for reshaping the Digital experience, for upgrading your application landscape offering innovative features. It invites developers and operation teams to adopt Cloud-native technologies, to use micro-services and containerised application. If container and orchestration solutions boost the agility, facilitate innovation, and provide native scalability, these technologies remain complex to engineer, manage and secure.

Sopra Steria helps enterprises to enable AWS container services with automated, AI-driven and secured practices. Sopra Steria DevSecOps Teams offers a comprehensible and flexible range of services aiming at simplifying developers’ activities.

 Sopra Steria Container and Orchestration Services with AWS includes: 

  • Containerization and migration of existing application
  • Design and implementation of automated, scalable, and cloud-native platform, based on AWS Well architected approach for optimizing performance, resiliency, security, cost efficiency and sustainability
  • Advanced DevSecOps activities


These services are backed by production-grade managed platforms, leveraging AWS innovative solution: 

Container and Orchestration Services with AWS Fargate

Automated, secured, and serverless container platform based on AWS Fargate

Container and Orchestration Services with Amazon EKS 

Customized managed platform or reference architecture services based on Amazon EKS


Container and Orchestration Services with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

Tailored reference architecture services based on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

  • Full visibility of continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines
  • Automated Cloud resources provisioning, facilitating scaling and improving productivity
  • Observability, including dynamic visibility to enhance the performance of containerized application
  • Security through built-in security approach with security scanning and vulnerability capabilities


With Sopra Steria Container and Orchestration Services with AWS, your development team goes at the speed of your business, improves your pace of innovation with cutting-edge platforms and modern practices.

Leverage from AWS Technologies with Sopra Steria:

aws partner
  • Multidisciplinary skills: design, implementation, development, operation, and security expertise
  • Best-of-breed tooling covering infrastructure, application, and user experience
  • Advanced AWS expertise:  AWS Immersion Day Partner, Member of the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, AWS Well-Architected Partner Programs


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