Sopra Steria joins forces with Talao to certify freelance digital experts’ skills, using Blockchain technology

Paris, 27 September 2018

In order to find certain digital skills that are in short supply, Sopra Steria has partnered with the publisher Talao to create a subcontractor skill-management platform built using the Ethereum Blockchain. The European leader in the digital transformation is looking to use this blockchain tool to provide skills certificates to independent digital experts who work for the Group.

An innovative approach to presenting the skills of freelance digital experts

Built using the Talao software solution, the platform enables freelancers to receive a certification for the skills they have put to work for digital transformation projects overseen by Sopra Steria. A true community platform, it provides access to collaborative Group opportunities and facilitates communication between freelancers and managers.

"We are very pleased to be launching this innovative platform alongside Talao. The battle for talent also involves our company's ability to function as a platform, by collaborating with external resources and bringing them together. We must help freelancers present the digital skills they have acquired within the Group and develop the team spirit that is vital for the success of the digital transformation projects that we complete for our clients," explains Cyril Malargé Sopra Steria’s Executive Director for France.

The public Blockchain: a disruptive innovation

The platform leverages Talao's business services. It uses the public Ethereum and the Talao crypto-asset to certify skills and experiences. As such, each freelance partner takes ownership of their own certified professional identity, gaining more credentials after every job they complete for Sopra Steria.

"Sopra Steria is now in a position to support freelancers as they present the work they have completed using our decentralised Certified Resume solution, built with the Ethereum blockchain," explains Nicolas Muller, Talao CEO. "So freelancers can take ownership of their own data and professional reputation and showcase their experience in a way that works for them. A truly decentralized Internet is emerging and it will put an end to the dominance of platforms that were born at the same time as the web in the early 2000s. We are proud to be able to contribute alongside Sopra Steria, the European digital transformation leader".