Homologation  SEPA Request to Pay (SRTP) scheme



  • SRTP will play a major role in the transformation of payments in Europe 
  • The establishment of an efficient and reliable process for the onboarding of SRTP service providers is essential

    Homologation Body

    The Homologation Body is officially mandated by the EPC to take on the following:

    • Perform the Homologation Process to ensure:
      • that each SRTP Applicant has the technical, operational, security and business continuity capabilities necessary to deploy the SRTP scheme in compliance with the rulebook;
      • the compliance of the SRTP Applicants with the SRTP rulebook and the related SRTP Implementation Guidelines.
    • Deliver an homologation report and if successful, deliver a Certificate of homologation;
    • Be the primary contact for the SRTP Applicants regarding the homologation process;
    • Set up and maintain the homologation framework and process;
    • Ensure the communication with the EPC.

    The EPC as Scheme Manager is responsible for:

    • The Adherence process, which is the first step of the application to the SRTP Scheme;
    • The adherence decision to the SRTP Scheme.

    The SRTP Applicant undertakes the following tasks:

    • Duly acknowledge the Adherence Process as described on the EPC website;
    • Provide all the information/documents requested by the HB for the Homologation Process in a timely manner;
    • Identifying his own confidential data and communicating them to the HB.

    Contact Details:

    The Homologation body can be contacted on this email address: SRTPHomologation@soprasteria.com


    European Payments Council