Our 7 Convictions for the future of banking


In October 2022, Forrester Consulting delivered a study commissioned by Sopra Steria, entitled “The Future Of Digital Banking, Revisited”. This study was part of our annual DBX report, where we provide a holistic view of the financial services industry, drawing on surveys conducted with nearly 800 leaders from the banking sector, as well as 12,500 customers. 

Each year, we condense our findings to align and support our “seven convictions for the future of banking,” a grouping of key tenets that we believe are fundamental to the future of our industry. Here, we outline eachof these Convictions, along with key statistics from Forrester’s study to support them.

Digital banking maturity assessment

As part of our report, Sopra Steria and Forrester uncovered and grouped banks’ respondents into five different categories of readiness: Explorer, Technologist, Strategist, Specialist and Pioneer. The table opposite shows some key stats about each category, as well as a brief description.

Throughout the following pages, we will consider how each category of digital banking readiness relates to our seven convictions.


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“In this year’s DBX report, we find that nothing is ‘business as usual’ for banks. Global shifts in geopolitics, wars, regulatory developments and economic headwinds weigh heavily on the finance industry. As such, banks are under sustained pressure to future-proof their business models by increasing resilience, shoring up existing revenue streams and developing new ones. Confidence in existing models – particular digital ones – and the future may be low, but by relying on tried-and-tested strategies, such as collaborative business models, many banks will be able to weather the storm. Our seven convictions for the future of banking are more relevant than ever, and provide banks with a blueprint on how to push forward into a prosperous and profitable future.“


Chairman - Sopra Banking Software

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