Creating a new retail experience for consumers

Customer experience and new usages are central to our approach

The digital revolution has accelerated transformation of the retail sector. The development of data analysis, artificial intelligence and warehouse robotisation offers new opportunities to support the customer purchasing process and employees on a daily basis. At the same time, customer demand and the quest for proximity, personalised services, traceability and immediacy are chief among our concerns.

To address these developments, Sopra Steria teams assist sector players in rethinking their models through solutions that offer a seamless, highly personalised, omni-channel purchasing experience (one that is complete, unbroken, simple and fast, at the best price and combining quality and traceability). These solutions transform retail players into more agile platforms, capable of referencing, distributing, invoicing and maintaining combined product ranges and specialist platforms to better meet consumer demands. We put our global expertise at your service to develop new, more diversified offers and services and to optimize the supply chain to provide a better service while controlling costs.

A retail vision focused on efficiency

As you transform traditional models and continually develop new uses, we help you to implement innovative, concrete, creative and scalable strategic solutions. Together, we build quickly operational solutions in each distribution ecosystem. We make the end customer and their expectations the focus of our thinking and our solutions respond to your current and future challenges with ease.

Building a new retail-customer relationship together

For 30 years, Sopra Steria has been supporting the major retail players, working as closely as possible on their issues and transformation challenges: consulting, integration, deployment, HR development.

We place our focus on three main activities - consumer goods, DIY and luxury - and have developed an offer comprising four components: 

  • Design and facilitation: developing the sales experience, channels, etc.
  • Adaptation and optimisation: customer process review, IS optimisation, etc.
  • HR change management 
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)

Our teams are on hand to provide you with the best possible support, offering tailored solutions adapted to each problem and objective.

A results-driven value proposition for the retail sector

As value creators, we support retail professionals in their search for profitability, innovation and success. With flexibility, creativity and efficiency, we offer an approach that combines process transformation, new technologies, employees and customers to jointly build a more innovative, personalised and unique retail sector.


What's new?

Sopra Steria announces a partnership with Sky Republic to offer digital supply chain platforms

Sopra Steria announced a technology partnership with the American startup Sky Republic to offer next-generation digital supply chain platforms for automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, and transportation industries.

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Sopra Steria launches the Q@Home solution to contribute to the challenges of social distancing and real-time flow management
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