AI for Software Engineering

Reimagining software development

Forget any debate about the utility of GenAI in software engineering; its impact is felt across all sectors and geographies daily. Sopra Steria has long-embraced this transformative tech, researching and testing its potential throughout all stages of software development cycle.

Beyond just productivity, GenAI eases the burden on developers, relieving them of mundane tasks such as unit testing and standard code generation. It also enhances app quality, through improved and automated code review and test coverage.

We powerfully advocate for the industrial-scale deployment of these AI tools, at every stage of the software lifecycle due to the huge value they bring to teams.

At Sopra Steria, we practice what we preach. We bring the full force of our AI insight to bear for our software engineering teams and continuously adapting and improving our deployment as the technology and our experts evolve.

How AI transforms software engineering

AI's impact goes beyond development. It touches every stage of the software engineering process, from project management to deployment.

Predictive analytics empower teams to make smarter decisions, anticipating challenges and optimising resource allocation. With automated documentation and code translation, developers are ready to tackle the ever-changing tech landscape with adaptability and resilience.

How AI can help software engineers

AI is a critical companion throughout all stages of the software delivery cycle; from Design, Execution, Testing and Delivery through to Deployment, Production & Run.

The AI game-changer

Gen AI drives critical measurable impact for software engineers, with up to:

  • 20%

    Faster application development 

  • 10%

    Time saved in maintenance and support 

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AI at Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria has unparalled expertise in AI-driven software development. Our company is an industry leader in innovation, leveraging a highly skilled team across three continents to harness AI's transformative power, from automating tasks to optimising processes

Our tailored AI solutions ensure unprecedented efficiency and innovation, meeting each client's unique needs. With a track record that speaks for itself, Sopra Steria consistently exceeds client expectations with cutting-edge solutions.

By seamlessly integrating AI technologies, we empower clients to stay ahead in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Whether enhancing productivity, improving software quality, or driving business growth, our AI-driven approach delivers tangible results and lasting success.

With our deep understanding of AI technologies and a global team of experts, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their strategic objectives and thrive in a competitive market.