Leveraging Generative AI

Our convictions: the transformative power of Gen AI

AI is reshaping the world of work. The shift is profound, touching all sectors and business functions, impacting productivity and economic outlook.

Sopra Steria helps its clients leverage AI to enhance their businesses, by applying our AI expertise, digital transformation capabilities, and market insights to access the opportunities of AI and execute it seamlessly.

Our exclusive analysis reveals that the GenAI market will increase from around $ 7 billion to around $120 billion in five years. Financial services, Healthcare & Life sciences, and Consumer Goods will capture most of the GenAI value by 2028, with up to six times more daily usage of GenAI tools.

Generative AI – A $100bn market by 2028 according to Sopra Steria Next
According to a study carried out by Sopra Steria Next, the generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) market is set to grow exponentially between now and 2028.
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Companies must act now

Get AI working for your business. Combine a company and user-centric approach with a solution-led strategy to balance the challenges of customisation and quick adoption. 
Educate your teams. Train staff on the how and why of AI to boost adoption by leveraging e-learning tools for all staff and identifying internal AI ambassadors. 
Enhance your data management. Inventory, clean, select and optimise your data to make your architecture and processes AI-ready. 
Boost your tech foundations. Use on-premise, Infrastructure as a Service, Containers as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service approaches to setup GenAI solutions, and deploy using hyperscalers, sovereign service providers and inference solutions for sensitive data. 
Increase your trustworthy AI governance. Inform yourselves of the 7 major trust risks related to GenAI – from transparency and explainability to fairness, ethics and  misinformation – then take action to mitigate the risks. 
Foresee GenAI mid-term workforce impact. Carry out skill mapping plus qualitative and quantitative AI assessment impact then recruit and reskill accordingly. 

How do we help you?

5-step process

genAI_complex_image genAI_complex_image

Prepare & Engage
Workshop with clients to identify new opportunities, improvements

Assess client’s existing AI capabilities, data maturity, and readiness for Generative AI adoption.

Co-construct implementation roadmap taking account of potential risks, investment requirements, resource allocation, and timeframes.

Build tailor-made AI solutions leveraging off-the-shelf tech GPT-4 or custom Sopra Steria solutions e.g. nAIxus.

Deploy solution using best-in-class methodology. Continually monitor, manage, and refine solutions.

How to put AI to work in your business

There are three primary approaches to implementing Generative AI and Sopra Steria are industry leaders in each, expert in adapting the solution to each individual client’s needs. We are solution agnostic, working and transforming existing solutions or creating an entirely original sovereign solution.

Use off-the-shelf GenAI tools and adapting them to customers' specific use cases. Solutions are primarily offered by industry leaders like Microsoft/OpenAI, Google Cloud, and soon Meta, with promising alternatives emerging such as AntropicAI's Claude. This approach offers a cost-effective solution and leverages established platforms, providing a solid foundation for customisation.

Employ an open-sourced GenAI model and fine-tune it to fit clients’ unique requirements. While this approach is more intricate both legally and technically, it offers the flexibility of being hosted either on-premise or in the cloud. This allows customers to benefit from a tailored solution that aligns precisely with their needs, while also ensuring enhanced security measures.

Develop a bespoke model from scratch tailored specifically to customer needs. Although this option demands significant investments of both time and resources, it offers unparalleled freedom in model development and incremental improvements. This approach provides ultimate customisation but requires careful consideration of long-term goals and resources.


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Next generation Gen AI

As AI adoption accelerates across sectors, developers including our own, are already working on a new generation of solutions to tackle even more complex challenges.

While AI is good at automating tasks, it struggles with creative problem-solving. Future advancements aim to improve AI's ability to handle intricate issues like full software design, where human expertise is still essential.

Additionally, ethical decision-making in AI lags behind human standards, calling for advancements to ensure fairness and transparency.

Looking ahead, the focus will be on addressing AI's limitations, such as understanding context and intent, managing ambiguity and uncertainty, and incorporating emotional intelligence.

These developments promise a future where AI becomes more adept at navigating complex software development challenges, paving the way for increased innovation and efficiency.