Supply Chain: the key to sustainable performance for the industry

In brief

  • Transforming the industry: Effective supply chain management has become crucial to the competitiveness and sustainability of industry. Competitive pressures and economic imperatives demand improved performance, while environmental issues call for a transformation towards more sustainable practices. 
  • Building operational resilience:Resilience in the face of these various challenges as well as potential crises has become essential to maintain continuous operations. 
  • Elevating Performance Sustainably: Achieving sustainable performance requires action on a number of fronts, including aligning business strategy with sustainability, making effective use of data, digitizing processes and transforming business practices. 
  • Driving Sustainable Value: By integrating these coordinated actions, the supply chain can progress towards sustainable performance, creating long-term value while responding to today's environmental challenges. 

The thought leadership's summary:

The Supply Chain: a competitiveness factor that entails a sustainability duty

  • A requirement for high performance standards
  • Sustainability: a new priority for Supply Chains

Decarbonising freight transportation: a flurry of trade-offs with multiple consequences

Focus: Towards the widespread deployment of hydrogen-powered trucks?

Our vision for the sustainable performance of the Supply Chain

  • Maturity diagnostic
  • Operational excellence: a source of profitability
  • Resilience as a vector of resistance and adaptation to crises
  • Sustainability to meet social and environmental challenges

How to reach the target?

  • Action 1: corporate strategy
  • Action 2: data collection and analysis
  • Action 3: digitalisation of processes
  • Action 4: optimisation of business processes
  • Action 5: corporate culture


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