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Defending the final frontier: Ensuring sovereign space defense

The space industry is undergoing a transformative shift, as its role becomes ever more critical to the smooth running of society in the modern world.

Supply Chain: the key to sustainable performance for the industry

Future performance will depend on a company’s ability to strike the right balance between operational excellence, resilience and sustainability in its operations.

Insurer 5.0: an emerging concept that will shape the future of the sector

Less concerned with increasing production quantities, Industry 5.0 emphasises product customisation to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The state of customer centricity

Our latest research explores what a customer centric organisation looks like, and how it affects every aspect of an organisation's operating model.

Transforming Your Supply Chain: Performing in the Age of Uncertainty and Disruption

We explore the latest technologies and techniques around building a resilient and intelligent supply chain

Generative AI - Study Sopra Steria Next

Among the initial findings, the study shows a more than tenfold increase in the generative AI market, from around $8 billion (USD) in 2023 to more than $100 billion in 2028.

Competence needs and supply for a sustainable battery value chain

In this report, Sopra Steria, on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency, investigates the skill gap and proposes actions to bridge the competence gap for a sustainable battery value chain.

Our insights

| Yves Nicolas

GenAI – and what if it was mostly a question of impact?

To answer the environmental crisis, let’s direct our use of generative AI towards positive impact solutions.

| Patrick Meyer

Revolutionizing Conversational Assistance with IRIS
Quadrant Knowledges Solutions shares its insights about IRIS, world's first “signbot”, developed by IVèS, Sopra Steria and IBM.

| Bruno Courtois

Combatting disinformation The AI war
Spreading disinformation or detecting fake news, what AI can do in the information war?

| David Maurange

The industrial metaverse, a real lever for transforming our industries

The first stages of the journey towards the industrial metaverse must begin now, to transform our industry into a smart industry.

| Bastian Klunde

Are you prepared for the new sustainability directive?
The new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will bring significant changes for businesses across Europe.

| María José Téllez

Strategic design as a driver of circularity
Strategic design plays a fundamental role in the circular economy as a catalyst towards more sustainable and efficient models. 

| Fabrice Asvazadourian

It is essential to think about the scaled-up deployment of POCs at an early stage

As part of their digital transformation, companies are increasingly producing POCs (Proofs of Concept). But to what end?

| Eirik Hetland Soleglad

When did we stop thinking like problem solvers?
While project management is based on industrialisation and mass production, agile is very much about solving problems by trial and error - as humans have always done. Can we do both?  

| Olivier Lacombe

Green IT or "Sustainable IT" will be at the heart of the next wave of economic transformation

The only thing that matters is to reduce our environmental footprint on a massive and lasting scale, and for the business world, the IT Department has a central role to play right now.

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Sopra Steria Next adds Copilot for Microsoft 365 counsel and training to drive generative AI rollout for companies
Sopra Steria Next harnesses the arrival of Copilot for Microsoft 365 to speed up the adoption of generative artificial intelligence. 
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