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Defending the final frontier: Ensuring sovereign space defense

The space industry is undergoing a transformative shift, as its role becomes ever more critical to the smooth running of society in the modern world.

Supply Chain: the key to sustainable performance for the industry

Future performance will depend on a company’s ability to strike the right balance between operational excellence, resilience and sustainability in its operations.

Insurer 5.0: an emerging concept that will shape the future of the sector

Less concerned with increasing production quantities, Industry 5.0 emphasises product customisation to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The state of customer centricity

Our latest research explores what a customer centric organisation looks like, and how it affects every aspect of an organisation's operating model.

Transforming Your Supply Chain: Performing in the Age of Uncertainty and Disruption

We explore the latest technologies and techniques around building a resilient and intelligent supply chain

Our insights

| Matthieu Lemoine

We've fallen into IT debt - how do we get out of it?

At a time when the acceleration of digital transformation is unprecedented, the issue of IT debt is becoming a cause for concern for many businesses. 

| Christophe Baniol

Banking: Gen AI for simplicity

Banks are confronted to managing the immense complexity now inherent to their business. In this respect, Gen AI holds immense promise.

| David Maurange

The industrial metaverse, a real lever for transforming our industries

The first stages of the journey towards the industrial metaverse must begin now, to transform our industry into a smart industry.

| Fabrice Asvazadourian

It is essential to think about the scaled-up deployment of POCs at an early stage

As part of their digital transformation, companies are increasingly producing POCs (Proofs of Concept). But to what end?

| Olivier Lacombe

Green IT or "Sustainable IT" will be at the heart of the next wave of economic transformation

The only thing that matters is to reduce our environmental footprint on a massive and lasting scale, and for the business world, the IT Department has a central role to play right now.