Cloud Ops

Taking full advantage of the Cloud requires to perfectly mastering the management of its infrastructure and application in an always more complex environments combining private, public, hybrid or sovereign Cloud with multi-cloud logic. Availability, performance, automation, scalability ... are at the heart of the agenda of IT teams to support the digital ambitions of organizations. 

Sopra Steria facilitates the deployment and management of your Business Capabilities: 

Cloud Ops Services

We manage IT systems and platforms with a multimodal approach including an umbrella governance and set of tools to provide end-to-end quality of service, guaranteed by SLAs. Our services adapt to the maturity of your business capabilities: 

  • Cloud Ops - Mode 1: inspired by ITIL and eSCM best practices, our teams industrialize, monitor and manage your systems. To accelerate application releases, we also implement CI / CD organization and tools chain. 
  • Cloud Ops - Mode 2: to operate Cloud-native applications such as micro-services or serverless, we provide Observability services relaying on AIOps solutions, and operation activities including DevOps, NoOps or SRE practices favoring the automation through Infrastructure as Code…

Managed Platform Services

Alongside the Managed Public Cloud Services, we provide a panel of Managed Platform Services based on the leading technologies such as Microsoft, RedHat, VMware. Our consultants help you select the best IaaS, PaaS solutions, meeting your challenges in terms of reliability, elasticity of resources, scalability and security. 


Sopra Steria Managed Cloud Platform Services

Sopra Steria Managed Cloud Services for Microsoft

Sopra Steria and Microsoft launch some hybrid Cloud Services. Responding to migration into the Cloud, without deporting their entire information system to a Public Cloud environment, Sopra Steria offers its customers a dedicated Cloud that can be associated with any of the Public Clouds to create a Hybrid operating environment.

Sopra Steria Managed Cloud Services for Openstack

This Managed Cloud Services solution based on RedHat Openstack technology allows you to access a catalog of IaaS services and resources such as server, storage, network in just a few clicks. Coupled with integration, automation, deployment capabilities, this comprehensive service is hosted in high availability or Sovereign Cloud environments.

Sopra Steria Managed Cloud Services for VMware

Sopra Steria offers Private Cloud Services based on VMware technologies, allowing you to take advantage of virtualization and Hybrid Cloud solution without modernizing your applications.

Sopra Steria Managed Container & Orchestration Services

Sopra Steria Managed Container & Orchestration Services for RedHat Openshift enables companies to meet the challenges of continuous innovation. This solution supporting cloud-native, serverless, AI / ML workload, is based on a fully automated and secure platform.

Public Cloud Managed Services

Cloud-first strategy are paving the path to the most innovative solution supporting Digital Transformation. In this regards, Public Clouds facilitate access to the most compelling services such as Data, Analytics, AI/ML, IoT or cloud-native application technologies.

Sopra Steria has developed a comprehensive and modular range of services covering strategy, upskilling, design, build, migration, operating and optimization activities.



  • Cloud and business technologies strategy to envision your transformation 
  • Discovery and assessment of existing workloads, to fasten their move to the cloud 



  • Transformation plan, to take advantage of the latest technologies with an Agile, DevSecOps and NoOps approach 
  • Upskilling plan of your organization, process and tools 



  • Architectural design, migration, implementation and interconnection of Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud to fit with your business constraints 



  • Next-Gen Cloud Management including observability and on-demand management of the full stack to keep your application healthy, 
  • Automation of provisioning and orchestration to provide self-service capabilities and reduce repetitive task and manual error, 
  • Continuous deployment through DevOps approach (CI/CD) to bring velocity, predictability and greater quality of software development 
  • Security management 24/7, to respond against new cyber risks all around the globe 
  • Financial assessment, cost and compliance management (FinOps) to optimize your budget 

 Unleash technologies to empower your business. Leverage from Sopra Steria’s: 

  • Digital and Cloud Center of Excellence, participating to leading MSP initiative from AWS, Google Cloud 
  • Cross-platform management tools reducing the complexity of management of multicloud environments 
  • A strong legacy knowledge to connect your Cloud environment into your existing IT estate