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Build innovative Apps at the speed of the business

In an accelerated and uncertain world, enterprise must continuously evolve their business processes, by providing innovative software at the speed of the business and integrating them into a complex digital ecosystem. According to IDC, by 2022, 70% of all organizations have accelerated the use of digital technologies, transforming their existing business processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and business resiliency.

Sopra Steria Modern Apps Development Services

At the age of Digital, Sopra Steria Modern Apps Development Services enable enterprises to solve business problem for reinventing customer experience, improving operational efficiency, and creating new products and features. Our software engineering teams help you to reshape your digital software factory, develop innovative application, or reorganize your product teams. They transform ideas into MVP and drive iteratively all the development stages to production for bringing you unprecedent speed, efficiency and productivity.

Transform your business processes, augment your Apps portfolio

  • Experiment our DigiLabs capabilities and methodologies across the globe to ideate, and prototype innovative software faster
  • Leverage from multi-disciplinary teams with strong vertical knowledge to augment your existing Apps portfolio
  • Capitalise on our advanced development platforms to reduce your investment


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Sopra Steria Enterprise Architect Services

In a blossoming technology environment, associating automation, cloud ready, cloud-native, AI/ML, and low-code/no-code Apps, Sopra Steria Teams helps to establish an application innovation and software engineering strategy, capitalising on your prior investment and taking advantage of the most advanced proven solution.

Sopra Steria Low-code / No-code Development Service

Leveraging Rapid Apps Development Platform, our Teams help you to quickly create new business processes, through design thinking approach. We then build and safely integrate the new applications in days and streamline their management all along their lifecycle.

Sopra Steria Cloud-native Apps Development Service

We deliver flexible, reliable and scalable Apps, through the development of cloud native applications (micro-services, API,…), relying on end-to-end software engineering methods, and tooling, including Agile, Product and DevOps principles.

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MIMIRO brings farmers of the future in the Cloud
MIMIRO has decided to create some new applications leveraging Internet of Things, Data, Machine Learning and Security services. To design, implement and enable this solution relying on AWS Cloud innovative capabilities, MIMIRO have selected Sopra Steria.

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