Remote experts help technicians on-site

by Torbjørn Meland - Director of business development Sopra Steria Norway
| minute read

New technology is key

By using HoloLens 2, Microsoft Teams, Intune and Dynamics 365 combined with a design-drive process, you can get a solution that gives on-site technicians support and help from remote experts.

Sopra Steria has broad experience with using mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality for remote inspections for customers in several industries. 

We can help you meet new challenges

Sopra Steria can assist in mapping out the necessary processes and user needs based on your organisation’s needs. We can prepare a proof of concept (POC), pilots tests and assist with implementation and rollout. Our experts are also able to provide guidance and assistance in setting up the interaction technology and we also have the ability to help manage and maintain the system further.

Sopra Steria has the rights to sell HoloLens 2 equipment, where HSE-approved glass is integrated in the helmets.

Remote work saves time and increases productivity

Remote assistance allows on-site technicians to get help and support from experts who are located elsewhere.

This will save both time and money because experts require less travel and gives them the possibility to help numerous on-site technicians spread over different geographies at the same time. Less travel will also assist in reducing the climate footprint.

Less down time is cost efficient and it will also increase the capacity for inspections and assistance from specialists. And at the same time the risk of infection is reduced.



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