Driven by impact, United by meaning.

Why choose Sopra Steria Next?

You want to be co-creators of Digital Europe?

You want to be at the intersection of Business & Technology?

We want to make our consultants proud to work at Sopra Steria Next, and to encourage them to be ambitious in their work.  It is why we have developed key points, all based on helping develop personal and professional investment. We care for their growth and balance, setting shared ambitions high. Our consultants are guided with tools, with offerings, and trained, with personalized training programs, depending the expertise and the level. They work at the intersection of business and technology with European cooperation. Plus, we have been stamped "Great Place To Work"! We also guide them in their own professional development, listen to their priorities and what matters for them.

We recruit curious and bold talent from leading business schools, engineering schools and universities. We are looking for talent interested in playing a part in the technological transformation of industries.
We're constantly developing our knowledge from over 2 weeks of training and a personalised professionalisation program for our consultants' benefit (AI training, Cloud training, agility certifications, co-design, etc.).
Encourage you to contribute and share your convictions
Points of view, think tanks, conferences, etc.: we mobilise our consultants to capitalise on our experience with our customers and work with academic players.
Opening to the world
Our consultants contribute to our European communities, sharing best practices and methodologies and challenging each other to create more value for our customers, throughout Europe.

Proud of our certifications

Find the right job for you

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The Universities of Consulting

Each year, we organize the Universities of Consulting in all the countries in Europe.
These Universities of Consulting are privileged occasions for all our consultants to share with them our convictions, discover our most innovative projects and solutions, listen to our clients and build the future of our Consulting.

Our new European manager program 

Becoming a manager is surely the most exciting and challenging step in a consulting career, that’s why we organize a class of 3 days in Versailles (near Paris) with 100+ of our new Managers from our 30 offices across Europe. Learning new skills, discovering better our Group, deep-diving on our priorities for Sopra Steria Next , connecting with peers, competiting fiercely on a case study contest, and much more.