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Combined General Meeting - 9 June 2020

The shareholders of Sopra Steria Group are informed that the Combined General Meeting will be held on 9 June, at 2:30pm, behind closed doors, without shareholders and other persons with the right to attend being present.

The notice of meeting was published in the “Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires” and in “LE DAUPHINÉ LIBÉRÉ” on 20 May 2020.


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and pursuant to the provisions of Article 4 of decree no. 2020-321 dated 25 March 2020 adapting the rules governing shareholders’ meetings, other meetings and governing bodies of legal entities, as well as the implementing decree no. 2020-418 dated 10 April 2020, the Board of Directors of Sopra Steria Group has decided that the Combined General Meeting of 9 June 2020 will be held in closed session, without shareholders and other persons with the right to attend being present.

Consequently, the procedures governing participation in the Combined General Meeting have been amended. No votes will be held during the session; shareholders are therefore invited not to request an admission card and to vote prior to the Combined General Meeting by making use of the voting methods available to them: filling in a postal vote form, appointing a proxy, appointing the Chairman as proxy, or using the secure electronic voting system: VOTACCESS.

As from Wednesday 3 June 2020 and until the evening of Sunday 7 June 2020, shareholders have the possibility to ask questions, not in the form of written questions within the meaning of the French Commercial Code, and relating solely to the items on the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders of 9 June 2020: Asking a question 

  • View and listen the Presentation: Register 
  •  Listen by telephone:  +442071943759 PIN: 64587041#

Sopra Steria Group will keep its shareholders informed of any developments relating to the procedures governing participation in and voting at the General Meeting and, to this end, shareholders are invited to regularly consult this dedicated General Meeting section.


Documents to be downloaded:

  • 20/05/2020 - Notice of meetings at 20 May 2020 - BALO (French version) - PDF (348 kb)
  • 14/05/2020 - Press Release - Availability of informational documents - PDF (116 kb)
  • 14/05/2020 – Notice of meetings – Brochure - PDF (2,6 Mo) / Interactive link
  • 14/05/2020 – Instructions for participating - PDF (361 kb)
  • 14/05/2020 –The form for voting - PDF (609 kb)
  • 11/05/2020: Press Release – General Assembly will be held behind closed doors - PDF (115 Kb)
  • 27/04/2020: Disclosure of the total number of voting rights and shares that comprise the share capital social as at 22 April 2020 - PDF (109 Kb)
  • 22/04/2020: Notice of meetings at 22 April 2020 - BALO (french version) – PDF (463 Kb)
  • 17/04/2020: 2019 Universal Registration Document - PDF (4,76 Mb) / Interactive link
  • 09/04/2020: Decision of the Sopra Steria’s Board of Directors of 9/04/2020 - PDF (141 Kb)


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