Energy & Utilities

At the heart of Europe’s energy revolution, Sopra Steria Next’s Energy & Utilities practice is driving transformation in the energy sector, with its 160 specialists across Europe. 
Blending deep industry knowledge with digital prowess, our team is passionate about tackling the challenges of energy and environmental transitions, propelling our clients towards a sustainable future. 
Our mission: to respond to the challenges of Europe’s energy and environmental transitions.


How can we successfully navigate the monumental shift in the European energy sector towards carbon neutrality by 2050? 

In the face of energy crises, what strategies are needed to overhaul the energy value chain, particularly in adopting electricity, biogas, and hydrogen? 


Our answers

Strategic consulting to navigate the energy transition, focusing on sustainability and innovative solutions. 

Pioneering industrial excellence in renewable energy sectors, ensuring a sustainable approach to energy production and consumption.


What approaches are essential for addressing the technological demands of transitioning to renewable and decarbonized energy sources? 

How can we modernize energy networks to effectively integrate and manage renewable energy? 


Our answers

Deploying resilient and secure systems for efficient renewable energy management. 

Spearheading digital transformation initiatives in energy production, distribution, and commercialization. 



How do we align stakeholder interests and adapt workforce skills to the rapidly evolving energy landscape? 

What strategies can foster effective transformation within energy organizations, emphasizing sustainable, human-centric solutions? 


Our answers

Cultivating a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement within energy organizations. 

Educating and equipping energy sector personnel for the digital and environmental shift. 



How can we ensure compliance with environmental and sustainability regulations during the energy transition? 

What are the best practices for managing risks in a sector undergoing significant digital and infrastructural changes? 


Our answers

Developing governance frameworks aligned with environmental sustainability and digital advancements. 

Ensuring regulatory compliance and effective risk management during the energy transition. 


Our value propositions 

Customer Experience and Acquisition: Reimagining Energy Relationships
Digital Continuity for Engineering and Operations: Connecting the Energy Lifecycle
Data for the Energy Transition: Harnessing Information for Sustainability
Advancing New Energy Solutions for Transportation: Electrifying Mobility

Points of interest 

Competence needs and supply for a sustainable battery value chain in Sweden.

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Team and experts 

Our team of Energy & Utilities experts offers a wealth of experience and technological expertise, guiding clients through transformative challenges and opportunities. 

Key partnerships 

GIFEN is the only professional association in the nuclear industry, bringing together major contractors, large companies, ETIs, SMEs, micro-businesses and associations covering all types of industrial activity and all areas of civil nuclear power.