Digital Innovation Factory

According to IDC, by 2023, over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches – the same number of apps developed in the last 40 years. 

At the heart of Digital Transformation, the creation of these new applications requires that organizations acquire an extremely efficient Software Factory. From a technological standpoint, cloud-native development solutions such as micro-services, APIs, containers, alongside Kubernetes orchestration platforms, are now well established, providing velocity, portability and stronger resilience. 

However, the building of such Software Factory requires to rethink the relationships between Business and IT entities, to master new technologies that are complex to operate, and to support the skills development of the existing teams. 

To meet these challenges, Sopra Steria provides a modular range of services, Digital Innovation Factory, enabling companies to fully support their changes relatives to Governance, Innovation, Human Resources, Processes, Technologies and Operations

Digital Innovation Factory

Title: Digital Innovation Factory


By 2023, companies will develop 500 million new applications, which is the number of applications deployed over the last 40 years. To rapidly deliver these new apps and services to the business units, IT departments need efficient digital innovation factories. To meet this challenge, Sopra Steria unveils its five modular services dedicated to a digital innovation factory. First, our consultants identify your innovation profile, assessing your technological choices, your organization and resources. They then make recommendations for your creation and transformation, helping you orchestrate them. With a people-centric approach, our multidisciplinary teams lead collective intelligence sessions to co create your new BizDevSecOps model, deployable at scale. Based on your business and operational requirements, are DevSecOps and SRE architects develop the architecture, design and urbanization of your Cloud native applications. To accelerate their deployment, Sopra Steria offers you secure and automated Cloud environments with container orchestration and serverless platforms. These same teams will then industrialize the operations, thanks to advanced integration, delivery, continuous deployment and observability tools. With Sopra Steria's Digital Innovation Factory services: make your innovation agile, mobilize your teams and quickly create the applications essential to your digital transformation while reducing your operational costs. Interested? Contact our experts now.


  • Our consultants identify your innovation profile, your technological choices, your organization and employees. They then make recommendations for creation and transformation. 
  • Benefits: You have a clear roadmap and on-going support to deploy it. 


DevOps, SRE and NoOps Transformation

  • Our multidisciplinary teams co-construct a new model relying on Agile, DevSecOps, SRE and NoOps practices, facilitating the upskilling of your teams. 
  • Benefits: Part of the dynamic, your team keep the control of change and its scaling over the time. 



  • We offer multiple solutions relying on AWS, Google Cloud Anthos, IBM | RedHat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure AKS / Stack, Rancher, VMware Tanzu or Managed Container & Orchestration Services in private, hybrid, public or sovereign cloud environments.
  • Benefits: You can therefore focus on the value provided by your applications, and not on infrastructure. 

Application Modernization / Cloud-native Application Development

  • Based on your business and operational requirements, our architects, developers and DevSecOps or SRE engineers, iteratively develop the architecture, design, urbanization of your cloud-native applications and platform. 
  • Benefits: More flexible, natively resilient and perfectly adapted to the pace of continuous innovation, your applications meet the requirements of business departments. 


  • Finally, we industrialize your operations thanks to advanced integration, delivery, continuous deployment and observability tools.  
  • Benefits: you focus on business while we deliver the expected operational KPIs. 

With Sopra Steria Digital Innovation Factory Services, accelerate your digital transformation and benefit from the expertise of Sopra Steria:

  • Multidisciplinary skills - infrastructure and application, financial, security and compliance - distributed within our various proximity service centers, nearshore and offshore. 
  • A Digital & Cloud Center of Excellence based on best-of-breed tools, selected on the market or developed in-house. 
  • Recognition of technology leaders: AWS, GitLab, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Red Hat and VMware.

What's new?

Sopra Steria recognised as a Public Cloud Leader across Europe by ISG
The fast pace of digitalisation to modernise customer experience, to enhance core business processes or to improve employee productivity is driving a dramatic surge in companies seeking to transform their existing IT infrastructure, to make them more nimble, resilient, and future-proofed. Public Cloud solutions offer scalability, frictionless innovation and advanced sustainable capabilities. However, to seize this opportunity, established companies must often launch major transformation projects.
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Sopra Steria recognized as a Leader in Agile Development & DevOps Services by global analyst firm NelsonHall
NelsonHall’s NEAT vendor evaluation reflects Sopra Steria’s overall ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits to Agile Development & DevOps Services clients. This evaluation assessed all the major providers in this segment worldwide.
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