Our commitments

Our commitments

 Together, let's build a more inclusive world

At Sopra Steria, we believe that collectives and diversity are strengths for our Group. Our teams draw inspiration from individuals’ unique characteristics and rely on their open-mindedness to grow together. 

This is why we are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity by adopting ethical practices. Promoting diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our DNA, values and culture. We recruit talent from diverse backgrounds and work alongside the stakeholders that make up our ecosystem to contribute in a sustainable, humane and enlightened way to a more inclusive society.

With our employees, customers and partners, we pursue a resolutely committed social policy in all the Group's geographical areas.

Together, let's build a sustainable world where everyone has a role to play.



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Gender equality


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an inclusive work environment



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* Source: Great place to work - 2019


Gender equality in the workplace


Digital technology is at the heart of the transformation of our society. Women are under-represented in this sector, and it is not just a question of professional representativeness.

It is also a broader societal issue. As a major player in the digital sector, the Group is pursuing its commitment to gender diversity.

This commitment is based on four themes: attracting more women from engineering schools, paying attention to non-discrimination in professional careers, promoting gender diversity in scientific careers and strengthening our proximity to our customers in order to promote the growing role of women in the digital sector.

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Diversity and inclusion

Convinced of the importance of promoting social openness and thus facilitating the professional integration of young graduates, the Group is taking concrete action in favor of young people from priority neighborhoods for:

  • Informing career guidance -- helping young people discover our businesses right from secondary school.
  • Accompanying and creating links -- raising awareness of the business world (mentoring, sponsorship, etc.) from high school onwards.
  • Training in digital professions -- promoting the inclusion and professional reintegration of young people who are far from employment.
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We take concrete action to promote professional integration by deploying innovative recruitment, job adaptation, training and awareness-raising initiatives.

Regardless of the country, the Group is committed to complying with all legal provisions and local regulations and recommendations in favor of the employment of disabled people.

We propose challenges to our employees that aim to develop innovative solutions to build a positive future. Organized every two years, the Innovations Awards allow all Sopra Steria’s employees to build creative and innovative technological solutions that respond to business and societal challenges.

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Intergenerational approach

Our Group encourages the transmission of knowledge and skills, a major component of our policy in favor of seniors for the success of intergenerational management.

In this way, we seek to promote the professional integration of young people while keeping seniors in employment. It is also planned to continue actions to anticipate career development and inform employees concerned by end-of-career arrangements and the transition between work and retirement.

Intergenerational approach

Sopra Steria is committed to the LGBTQ+ employees


As an international group, and employer of 46,000 people, we know that we have a role to play in combating discrimination.

We have been committed to a more inclusive environment for the LGBTQ + employees around the world. We want them to feel safe, free to be completely themselves and considered as every employee.

Be happy at work

In a world where mental health and people’s rights are now discussed openly, we’re here to ensure our people are as happy and healthy as they can be in every regard.

To ensure this, since 2019, we’ve carried an internal satisfaction study led by Great Place to Work to understand what our employees expect from their work, their career and their professional life.

Therefore, we promote a healthy work-life balance, and if people need greater flexibility, we work with them to resolve any issues they may have.  We are always looking for new ways to listen and look after our employees. For example, our employees are offered remote office and flexible working hours.

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What's new?

Sopra Steria, recognised for its environmental performance and social responsibility initiatives by Le Point and Challenges

These two awards are a tribute to the market's recognition of the ambitious environmental programme and all the actions that Sopra Steria has been taking for many years as part of its social responsibility policy.