In the vanguard of digital innovation, Sopra Steria Next's Data & AI practice fuses human expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a transformative vision to guide clients from data-driven strategies to AI-enhanced efficiencies. Our diverse team of data consultants and AI experts provides a global perspective on Data & AI transformation challenges, equipped with hands-on experience in data-driven transformation across industries. 


How can organizations transform to become truly data-driven and further leverage AI to enhance efficiency and decision-making? 

What strategic approaches are necessary to master and control data assets in the dynamic digital landscape? 


Our answers

Delivering strategic consulting to develop comprehensive data strategies, ensuring a smooth transition to data-driven operations. 

Creating multi-year roadmaps to meet clients’ data and AI challenges and supporting them in their technological implementation.



How do we build and deploy robust technical foundations capable of supporting sophisticated data and AI applications? 

What methods and technologies are essential for maximizing productivity and benefits from data projects?


Our answers

Implementing advanced data management, infrastructure, and engineering solutions to enable operational excellence in data and AI. 

Harnessing the power of generative AI tools to optimize customer data, prevent fraud, improve supply chains, and implement predictive maintenance in factories. 



How do we cultivate a data-centric culture and organization that maximizes the productivity and benefits of data projects? 

In what ways can we embed digital ethics and social responsibility into our data and AI strategies?


Our answers

Fostering an organizational culture that embraces data and AI transformation while aligning with corporate values and regulations. 

Training and developing personnel to adapt and thrive in data-centric and AI-enhanced work environments. 


How can we ensure that our data and AI initiatives are compliant with the evolving regulations like the EU AI Act? 

What frameworks and strategies are needed for implementing responsible, trustworthy AI systems? 


Our answers

Assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of the EU AI Act, ensuring compliance while minimizing operational friction. 

Developing and implementing frameworks for Trustworthy AI, focusing on ethical, responsible, and future-proof AI applications. 


Our value propositions 

Strategic Data & AI Guidance
Tactical Data & AI Products
EU AI Act Compliance
Trustworthy AI

Talking about Data & AI

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Our 500+ experts, trained in AI technologies across our centers of excellence, understand clients’ business needs and deliver tailored solutions.