Services Operations & Automation

The Services Operations & Automation practice at Sopra Steria Next helps organisations to deliver on their client promise. Our 50+ consultants throughout Europe strive to improve our clients’ operational efficiency by optimising and automating their business processes.


How can service companies enhance customer satisfaction within their service offerings in a constantly evolving market?

What strategies are needed to balance service delivery optimisation with the rapid aging of digital processes due to regulatory constraints and market changes?


Our answers

Creating effective organisations by aligning actions with strategic goals, introducing relevant performance indicators, and employing financial tools like pay-per-use tariffs and fund transfer pricing.

Enhancing customer experience by re-examining customer journeys and optimising internal operations to boost competitiveness and efficiency.


How can financial and public services adapt their operations to leverage technological advancements like AI, ensuring the value of information is maximised at the moment it's needed?

What approaches are necessary to reconfigure service production platforms to integrate open services (like Open Banking) and modular processes effectively?


Our answers

Utilising advanced technologies such as Data and AI to transform front-, middle-, or back-office tasks, going beyond traditional robotic process automation (RPA).

Streamlining and harmonising organisations to adapt to rapid technological change, focusing on open, interoperable platforms for seizing future opportunities.


In the context of service operations being core to financial and public services, what methods are effective in managing the transformation of workforce skills and aligning them with digital and service innovations?

How can public sector organisations adapt to the changing landscape of employee expectations, including efficiency, transparency, and individual-focused services?


Our answers

Using Process Mining to synthesise the reality of process execution, directly impacting how teams understand and perform their work.

Promoting agile methods and building trust to foster local initiatives and disruptive innovations, thereby involving and empowering employees in the transformation process.


How can organisations ensure compliance with evolving regulations such as the Lemoine law, GDPR, and DORA, particularly regarding cyber compliance and supplier accountability?

In a sector undergoing significant digital and infrastructural changes, what are the best practices for managing risks related to data security and operational integrity?


Our answers

Aligning indicators with priorities to ensure compliance with strategic, financial, and operational goals.

Adapting organisational structures to meet new environmental, social, and governance (ESG) constraints, thereby ensuring compliance and preparing for future regulatory changes.

Our value propositions 

Performance management
Process optimisation
Target Operating Model (TOM)

Team and experts 

With their rich diversity of professional backgrounds, our experts have a clear vision of the challenges ahead across operations and the technological impacts. They help our clients to navigate through complexities, make decisions and implement transformations.