Sustainability with Cloud Services

Towards digital sobriety

The global warming and the rise of conscious of sustainability within customers, employees and investors push all the companies to both reshape their business with sustainable approach at core and establish ESG practices. While technology is a key enabler of sustainable products and services, the tech sector generates 4% of carbon emissions and consumes 2,5% of the energy in the world.

According to IDC Global 2022 Future of Digital Infrastructure Survey, 83% of respondents agree sustainability is the most important criteria in IT buying decisions. Among alternatives, IT-as-a-service models powered by Cloud solutions brings opportunity to improve data centre, platform, network, and device carbon footprint thanks to industrial approach based on Reuse, Resale, Recycle principles. They also simplify companies’ investment strategy and facilitate the entire lifecycle of assets.

Despite these strong calls for action, standards and market offering, Digital and IT organisations are often in the blind spot of sustainable programs. Measuring its footprint, developing tangible improvement plan, and orchestrating holistic sustainable changes are complex processes, requesting multiple expertise, practices and new tools.

Sopra Steria Sustainability with Cloud

Sopra Steria Cloud Center of Excellence help you to navigate into your digital sobriety journey with concrete programs for collecting, measuring, and reducing companies’ Digital and IT carbon emissions:

  • IT Sustainability Footprint Advisory: Our consultants assist you to identify and measure your existing IT’s carbon footprint. Thanks to Sopra Steria tools, you can then access to dashboard and metrics, aligned with GHG Protocol scope 1,2, and 3, and with European environmental agencies and organisations’ systems. This first solid foundation allows our IT sustainable consultants to envision and establish with you a Digital Sobriety Roadmap, including actionable recommendations (IT-as-a-service models, Cloud provider sourcing, sustainable software engineering practices, technology and tool…).
  • Sustainable Software Engineering Services: Software has a significant impact on digital equipment usage and their energy consumption, and then offers the best room for improvement. Our teams help you to embrace sustainable software engineering practices into your existing ones, all along application lifecycle, from design, to implementation, and deployment. Tailored to each application and use case, our teams help you to modernize your application landscape or reshape your practices relative to application and infrastructure optimization, architecture and Cloud location.
  • Cloud Environmental Impact and Optimisation Services: Sopra Steria Teams support you to get the best visibility on your Cloud Environmental Impacts. Whatever is your type of Cloud, our teams identify with you the relevant solutions allowing to measure the impact of your Cloud utilization (estimated energy usage, carbon emissions, water usage, abiotic depletion potential…). Based on this monitoring, you can then start to roll out Cloud Environmental Optimisation Plan, improve your Cloud emissions and drive environmentally informed business decisions.

To provide these innovative services, we have established strong relationship with the European environmental agencies and organisations, and partnerships with the leading hyperscalers and technology players such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, OVHcloud, and VMware. 


  • Get access to a multidisciplinary Digital and Cloud Center of Expertise, associating both application, infrastructure, and Cloud provider expertise with eco-friendly values
  • Take advantage of Sopra Steria’s cutting-edge tools to measure and reduce time from insight to action
  • Onboard sustainable Cloud into your ESG programs, while improving your bottom-line

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Sopra Steria ranked in top three French companies in Financial Times European Climate Leaders 2023 report
Sopra Steria is one of Europe’s most environmentally responsible companies, according to the Financial Times “ European Climate Leaders 2023” report. 
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Sopra Steria positioned as Best in Class in the PAC INNOVATION RADAR 2023 for its sustainability-related consulting & services in Europe
This INNOVATION RADAR analyzes the market of IT service providers in Europe and evaluates their approaches, offers, strategies, and references in sustainability-related consulting and services.
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Sopra Steria unveils its "Aeroline Zero Emission" programme for the aeronautics sector

Sopra Steria, via its Aeroline vertical, launches its "Aeroline Zero Emission" programme for the aeronautics sector.This programme is intended to support manufacturers in the sector in achieving their own objectives and covers the entire value chain.

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Wallenius Wilhelmsen is sailing in the Cloud
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National Highways digitalises its National Traffic Information Service
National Highways is the government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads. Operating the National Traffic Information Service (NTIS), National Highways provides real-time information on traffic on England’s motorways and major A roads.

Cloud First Strategy: how Sopra Steria is supporting Veolia's digital transformation
The global leader in optimised resource management (water, energy, waste management, etc.), Veolia began its Digital Transformation in 2015, by modernising its workstations and digitisating its service offers.


Florent Brodziak, Håkon Eriksen Drange

Sustainable Digital: It is time for ICT to embrace environmental practices!
If sustainability falls under Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, Digital and IT organisations can actively contribute to the GHG emissions reduction tracked through the Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. 
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