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When it comes to digital transformation, we believe that a strategic vision is only valuable if it can be implemented.

By gaining inspiration from company insights and realities, and by uniting people and technology, we design visionary digital transformation strategies for our customers that are fully achievable and deliver concrete results for them, their employees and their customers.

Because innovation helps us to address the challenges companies face.

Because digital transformation must have a positive impact for everyone.

Sopra Steria Next, inspired by action.

Value proposition

Laying the foundations of the platform company
At Sopra Steria Next, we believe that agility and openness in the platform company are supported by a bedrock of values shared across its ecosystem, and by a clear framework governing partnership and collaboration.
Learn how to rethink the foundation of your business
Building your brand through the customer experience

We believe that large public and private companies can emerge as the driving force in their ecosystem, since they are in charge of the entire customer relationship. 

Learn how to design the ultimate customer experience
Cultivating agile management and engaging employees to ensure customer satisfaction

We believe that the platform company’s business model is reinventing dialogue, collaboration and innovation through the contributions made by and with "Extended Human Resources" such as freelancers and consultants. 

Learn how to agilize your management models
Boosting operational efficiency
We believe that the platform enterprise must scale its operating models to its overall ecosystem (employees, partners, suppliers, complementary brands, etc.) in order to meet new customer demands. This operational transformation must focus first and foremost on employees and customers.
Learn how to boost your ecosystem's operating performance
Using data to drive disruption
We believe that data is an indispensable tool for winning and retaining customers, if the company successfully embraces ethics and regulations. This has the potential to drive major change at traditional companies. Our consultants help you design, build and streamline a data management system to amplify the flow of information and knowledge throughout your organisation.
Learn how to turn data on lever of change
Designing your IT as a service
We believe that platforms are not just a corporate strategy – they are a functional and technological solution designed to provide internal and external services that are quickly and easily integrated into traditional IT. 
Learn how to modernise your IT

Insights & Publications

Discover our Digital Gov’Barometer 2019

While 75% of Europeans surveyed believe that public services are increasingly digitalised, only 62% of them believe that they are increasingly easy to use. Discover our barometer on the digitalisation of public services and its perception among European citizens, in partnership with IPSOS.

Scalagility – leadership in the digital era

At Sopra Steria Next, our " Scalagility" approach combines strategic vision and pragmatism. We have confidence in new technological standards and are concerned to maintain the specificity of human actors in this evolution. Our specialized teams help you leverage agility across your industry while adapting it to your specific needs.

[White Paper 1] - How to succeed and accelerate your digital transformation project

Transformation through digital technology ... a question of performance... and enjoyment