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IA transforms Industry

How will artificial intelligence transform industry?

| Maxime Claisse, Alexis Girin, Benoit Spolidor

Whilst there is no set definition of artificial intelligence as of yet, experts are in agreement that AI can simulate human cognitive capabilities such as perception, reasoning, action, and learning. AI now promises to completely transform the industrial sector – one of its primary applications.


International Paris Air Show: 5 trends to transform aeronautic

| Youssoupha Diop

The 53rd International Paris Air Show 2019 has confirmed the mounting fierce competition in the world of aeronautics. In this context, data, digital tools and artificial intelligence are now understood to be precious bargaining chips to accelerate transformation and turn these challenges into opportunities.


Anticipate cloud migration with FinOps

| Remus Vlasie, Marlene Seif, Béatrice Rollet

Innovative and fast cloud services are crucial to digital transformation initiatives. Whilst there is no textbook model on how to adopt these services, it is nonetheless vital for companies to integrate them as fully optimised services in order to control their ROI.


From product to services: Flying the Aeronautics Industry into the Digital Future

| Philippe Armandon, Gaudérique Garrigue

With increasing travel demand and new competitors entering the market, aircraft manufacturers today are under considerable pressure.


How to control and optimise your cloud costs

| Didier Teixeira, Béatrice Rollet, Frédéric Janicot

Using public cloud services means rethinking your IT financial management. 


ASD S5000F: taking Aircraft MRO to new heights?

| Cyrille Greffe

In the 1990s, the combination of computer-aided design (CAD) and the concept of modular documentation gave rise to the first ASD standards (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe).


Application replatforming: the Cloud migration booster

| Benjamin Chossat

Simple set-up, low cost and access to the horizontal elasticity of the Cloud: replatforming is often considered the best solution for porting a business application to the Cloud.


7 key strategies to transform applications with the Cloud

| Benjamin Chossat

How to modernise an application efficiently using the Cloud?

Innovating in pursuit of environmental sustainability

Innovating in pursuit of environmental sustainability

| Siva Niranjan

To attract new business, talent and investment, companies have had to demonstrate their environmental credentials more and more over the past years to wide range of stakeholders including institutional investors, regulators, clients, and employees.

Urban Air Mobility: is the future of mobility be in the air?

Urban Air Mobility: will the future of mobility be in the air?

| David Elmalem, Sébastien Lautier

While the dream of the flying car has often been reserved for science fiction, a very practical and real future is gradually emerging for urban air mobility.

Guidance is the key for adapting DevOps to big business

Guidance is the key for adapting DevOps to big business

| Gauthier Deschamps

DevOps is revolutionising agile transformation for big business. The method was initially focussed on software building but by automating production, it frees up resources so as to better resolve organisational and human malfunctions.


How Blockchain technology can improve Industry 4.0’s cybersecurity

| Alexandre Eich Gozzi

Earlier this year, the world’s largest container shipping company Maersk fell victim to a massive ransomware attack from the infamous NotPetya malware.

Sylvie Rémond

Jun 26, 2019, 15:43 PM
Title : Sylvie Rémond
Firstname : Sylvie
Lastname : Rémond
Position : Independent Director
Country : France
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Sylvie Rémond has been Group Chief Risk Officer of the Société Générale Group since May 2018. She has been a member of the Société Générale Group’s Executive Committee since January 2011.

Sylvie Rémond has been Group Chief Risk Officer of the Société Générale Group since May 2018. She has been a member of the Société Générale Group’s Executive Committee since January 2011.

She joined Société Générale in 1985 and held various different positions in the Individual Client Division and the Large Corporate Division. In 1992, she joined the Acquisition Finance team within the Structured Finance business. Subsequently in 2000, she was appointed as co-head of the Corporate and Acquisition Finance syndication team.

She joined the Risk Division in 2004 as co-head of credit risk for the Corporate and Investment Banking unit, before becoming Deputy Group Chief Risk Officer in January 2010. In January 2015, she was appointed Co-Head of the Coverage and Investment Banking Division, a position she held until May 2018. Sylvie Rémond is a graduate of the ESC Rouen business school.

Sylvie Rémond