Gauthier Deschamps

Consulting Director, Sopra Steria

Gauthier Deschamps, consulting Director, has gained various expertise through projects led in customs care and biling System, outsourcing contracts and strategic consulting engagement. He worked for major leader of it companies (Alcatel, HP, Gartner, TNP, Sopra Steria). Since 2 years, He is in charge to develop the devops practice for Sopra Steria Consulting.

Specialist of the change management , he has especially developped with his team an adapted and innovative approach to support organisation to lead devops transformation.

Latest Publication

Latest Publications

Guidance is the key for adapting DevOps to big business

| Gauthier Deschamps

DevOps is revolutionising agile transformation for big business. The method was initially focussed on software building but by automating production, it frees up resources so as to better resolve organisational and human malfunctions.